Music and Aromatherapy for Birth, with Jackie Heffer-Cooke

If you are pregnant and rapidly heading towards your big day, our Norwich birthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, has some extra tips to make your birthing experience lovely and relaxed…

People always think of the practicals, the gorgeous little babygrow, the not so gorgeous big maternity pads 😉 But to have the best birth possible it’s all about learning how to relax into your birth experience.

Coming to a HypnoBirthing, or Pregnancy Yoga class will always help you sink into childbirth as the knowledge of what will happen will calm you, the breathing will relax you and the relaxation techniques will help your mind focus on letting your body do its job. During pregnancy looking after your body with other gentle exercise, acupuncture, relaxation, massage and reiki treatments, and nipping any pelvic gripes in the bud with osteopathy will also encourage a good pregnancy and a great birth.  Your baby will enjoy the treatments too! After all they feel the same hormones as you do, so make them lovely ones like Endorphins and Oxytocin 🙂

Endorphins are the body’s hormonal ‘feel-good’ and they’re also our natural ‘pain-killer’, and Oxytocin is essentially the birthing hormone, so we need both in good supply to help us with a calm and controlled birth. So, here are 3 essential ideas you may not have thought about, things to pop into your hospital bag, to help keep you calm during your birth…

1. Relaxation Music

Relaxation music from the OGCIt has been proven that if you do relaxation exercises with the same piece of music on all the time, then it starts conditioning your mind, so that when you need to relax on your birthing day, using that same piece of music will help the subconscious to relax the mind, and therefore the body too.

We recommend ‘Steve Halperns’ Comfort Zone and also ‘Snatam Kaur – Release and Overcome’. A yoga expert and friend of mine pointed me to this; I used it in my own birth for baby Sam.

I also LOVE and recommend the beautiful ‘Ocean’ by Mirabai Ceiba; it’s what we listen to in Pregnancy Yoga and is super chilled.

2. Relaxation Aromatherapy Oil

Likewise, you can use aromatherapy oils to anchor relaxation in the same way we use music. Smells bring a vivid sense of memory and if we use a relaxation aromatherapy oil every time we relax, in the bath, or just in general when we are feeling calm around the house, then when we smell the oil it will evoke a sense of relaxation from the recognition of the smell. Use it on your labour day either in your birth pool, or dab some on clothing, a hankie or a flannel and breathe it in.

We stock the wonderfully relaxing Lavender, and the calming and empowering Ylang Ylang in our range.

3. Lavender Relaxation Spray and/ or Lemongrass Energising Spray

So this one your birth partner can do for you. Spray the lavender to relax you into labour.  Use it in the car to keep you calm. Smother the labour room with it to ease you into your new birthing space.

And then, when you need to get some energy for the second stage of labour use the lemongrass to give you newfound energy and birth your baby into the world!

If you would like to purchase any of the these products from our online shop, just click on the links above.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is a Director of the Orange Grove Clinic as well as a teacher of YogaBumps Pregnancy Yoga, YogaBubs Baby Yoga and HypnoBirthing classes.