Our Unsung Midwife Heroes

Over the past month, and in line with International Day of The Midwife on 5th May, you might be aware that we have been running a rather special award, The Midwife of the Year 2017, to celebrate how amazing our local midwives are. Orange Grove Clinic, Marketing Manager, Sarah Maginn talks about our unsung midwife heroes and our lucky winner.

We’ve been so delighted by the response. Midwives play such a large and crucial role in the care of both mum and baby from the very first midwife appointment through to the guidance, aftercare and support when baby has arrived.

Having a baby, from seeing the little blue line on that all important wee stick; through the emotional rollercoaster of pregnancy whether it be hormonal or worry related; the aches, pains and insomnia; the parts of pregnancy where we have concerns like ‘is that normal’, ‘should my… look like that’? Our midwives deal with it all, and that’s before labour begins and the biggest part of the job, helping deliver our precious bundles as safely as possible arrives. For all of this ‘we salute you’!

My first son was born at 31 weeks and if it wasn’t for the midwife I saw on the delivery suite we possibly both wouldn’t be here today. I was surrounded by doctors but she was the only one that picked up on bradycardia and she was doing something else at the time. It makes me sad that I didn’t even know her name and she played a massive part in saving my son. He spent 6 weeks in Nicu and turns 5 in July! I am a lucky mummy and I wish I’d have had the opportunity to say thank you.


Midwife of the Year Winner!Midwife of the Year

Now, you lovely ladies who knew the names of your superhero midwives submitted some truly beautiful and heart-warming entries and it’s been a delight for us to read through, but a winner had to be chosen and our very own birth, yoga and hypnobirthing expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke has done the honours in sorting through the pile and it was no easy job.

However, three names seemed to stand out receiving a number of nominations each, but Jo Knox we’re delighted to announce you as our Midwife of the Year 2017 Winner!


Here are just a few snippets from what was said to help Jackie make her decision:


“She was there every step of the way through my 4 days of labour, she came to see me at home before and after her normal 8 hour shift. When I was in active labour she was on delivery suite and I was in the maternity unit but every spare minute she had and her 10 minute break she’d come in and see me. She’s just an amazing person with such a huge heart and big dedication to the job.”

“Jo helped deliver our second son a few days ago. Because I had a previous caesarean everything was being kept track of very thoroughly and she soon noticed when I was in distress and realised my previous scar had ruptured internally. Her quick thinking led us to get to theatre in time to deliver a healthy baby boy and ensure there were no further complications. While stitching me up, both the surgeon and the anaesthetist mentioned that if they ever had a baby they would want Jo to be their midwife! She was fab.”

“Jo has the most natural ability to connect with everyone. Everybody adores and respects her & her work. I was the most fortunate new mummy to have had her as my midwife.”


Thank you to everyone who has taken part and keep an eye out for our presentation later this month when Jo will receive a special Orange Grove Clinic hamper filled with goodies.

If you’re pregnant and looking for some birthing guidance, find out about hypnobirthing or our birth education course, the Birthing Toolkit with the region’s expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke.