Meditation Workshop for Beginners


Date TBC

How Much?



Caistor Hall Hotel, Norwich.


A delicious superfood lunch is included in the price of £40.

Learn how to meditate and be mindful in the modern world at our Meditation Workshop for Beginners. Find out more about what meditation is and how to ground yourself into your body and be in the present moment.

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Jackie’s Thoughts On What Meditation is and Why it Works for Her:


  • It is ‘getting out of your head’. A break from the past and the future. Just in the present. Yoga does this for me perfectly, but so does ‘body focused’ meditation like yoga nigra.
  • It is observing tugging, nagging, needless emotional thoughts, which aren’t in the least bit useful, to wind them back, see where they come from, and give them the attention they are so desperately after, in order to calm them down. Just like a toddler tugging on your dress, demanding attention, so your thoughts will do the same until you study them and see either a solution, an outcome, or simply are able to file them neatly away for good (this one not a tactic you can use on a toddler).
  • It is learning to look at myself with loving kindness. Not to criticise and self-punish, but to understand when I need to ‘give myself a break’ and just be nice to myself.