Massage for Events & Business

Treat your employees to Massage, Yoga and Mindfulness in your workplace, with the help of the Orange Grove Clinic Massage, Yoga and Mindfulness Team.


“I was most impressed with the Orange Grove Massage Angel that attended the launch of Norwich Healthy Living.  Both professional and friendly, everyone who experienced her head massage went away a little lighter, a little more chilled out.  I recommend the Orange Grove as an excellent wellbeing resource for the whole of Norfolk. Thank you for sending her – she was indeed an angel!” –  Anne, Norwich Healthy Living


Due to the current issues around COVID-19 we are unfortunately not currently taking any new workplace or event bookings.  We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation.  If you have any concerns please call our us on 07813 069529, or you can contact us here


Events and Business:  Give your Staff Some Immediate Stress Relief

Our Orange Grove Wellbeing Events Team, are professionally trained massage therapists, yoga and  mindfulness teachers offering mini massages, yoga classes and mindfulness sessions to people on the go. This could be at events, in the office or stationed in public places.

Just a short massage is all you need to begin to feel the positive effects massage can have for your mind and body.  Aches and pains, sore muscles or just for a little time-out, our Massage Angels will tailor each treatment to your individual staff or delegates, leaving them feeling refreshed and relaxed to carry on with their day. We can bring all equipment needed, from a simple massage chair to a massage couch.

Or, you could hold a Wellbeing Workshop day featuring our Massage, Yoga and Mindfulness Team, or even introduce regular yoga and mindfulness classes to your employees.

Helping to Improve the Bottom Line

Believe it or not, massage, yoga and mindfulness really could help to improve your business.  Wellbeing events in the workplace are becoming more common because businesses are beginning to realise the importance of helping their staff to look after their health.   According to ‘Psychology Today’, the three biggest reasons for people missing work are: 1. immunity issues like common coughs and colds, 2. back pain, and 3. stress. Massage, yoga and mindfulness are fantastic for helping employees boost their own immunity system, improve and assist tense and aching back, neck and shoulder muscles, and we know massage, yoga and mindfulness helps relieve tension in the mind too!

So let us help your staff help you, after all, a happy and healthy team could help to improve your turnover!

Massage for events and business

We can provide:

  • 10 minute seated back rubs on our massage chair
  • 30 min back, neck and shoulder massages on our massage couch
  • 20 minute group mindfulness sessions
  • 45 or 60 minute yoga class


We can also provide special wellbeing events and days for your staff, all packages can be tailor-made to your specific requirements.

Boost your morale and your productivity with our Wellbeing At The Workplace Specialists.


We have recently worked with BBCNorfolk, John Lewis, TRO, Selesti, Waitrose, Thrive Agency and Flagship to name just a few.


We customise and build our packages around you and your requirements so please contact us on [email protected] or 07813 069529 to discuss your requirements.