Manage stress by introducing massage into the workplace Did you know..

  • >Stress affects one in five of the working population from the newest recruit in the post room to the board of directors.
  • >It is now the single biggest cause of sickness in the UK.
  • >Over 105 million days are lost to stress each year – costing UK employers £1.24 billion.

(source Health & Safety Executive)

How can we get massage into the workplace?

Our Massage Angels are able to come to your workplace for a day or half day. Costs are £150 for a half day and £300 for a full day. We suggest once a month to be a good idea. They can either bring a chair for clothed back rubs or a full massage couch for back and shoulder massages, for this you will need a private room

Can massage help reduce staff sickness rates?Massage-Events-Panel-280px-x-195px We certainly think so and so do many others.  Massage can help the general health of workers to ensure they are at their optimum performance levels.  Regular massage has been shown in many studies to help with stress, anxiety and depression, all of which lead to poor performance and ultimately result in sick days in the work place.  The chance to take time away from the office and the desk, to relax the body and mind for half an hour of ‘me time’ is a productive act.  After all, a healthy mind is a productive mind.

Can I feel energised after a massage?!

Many people think of massage as ultimately relaxing, and it is for sure, but massage, can also be an energy boost.  An invigorating massage increases the blood flow throughout your body, delivering fresh oxygen and nutrients to muscles including the brain.  As well as blood flow, your lymphatic system is also stimulated, which takes waste and toxins from your body.  So really a massage is your one stop shop for a dose of relaxation, invigoration, mood-lifting and stress-relieving.  Clearing the mind is very important in our busy lives to regain focus, improve concentration and generally having a spring in your step can be infectious to other colleagues and customers alike click here.

Massage is great for desk workers

Headaches are a very common complaint from people working at computer screens or text for sustained amounts of time, the screen light and possible air-stress management courseconditioning/heating can sometimes result in a ‘pounding’ behind the eyes or at the base of the neck.  Posture plays a large part in aching muscles and joints.  Using a keyboard and mouse put your arms and shoulders at a distorted level which miss-aligns your body causing tension and repetitive pain in certain muscle groups.  The same comes from sitting cross legged, holding a telephone, slouching and not having your chair or desk at the correct height. Massage is a great healthy maintenance for the bodies daily stresses. In conjunction with the use of specially selected aromatherapy oils, massage can almost instantly relieve tension headaches by relaxing and rehydrating the muscles within the head, neck, face and upper shoulders. There is so much evidence which shows that massage can help calm the body and mind, enabling us to think more clearly. Aside from this the very act of employers taking the time to introduce wellbeing into the work place means a big morale boost for all. Happy Healthy staff, means a Happy Healthy business!

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