Lose control and enjoy the roller coaster ride! …with the Inconsistent Earth Mother

When’s the last time you let go, decided to lose control and truly enjoy life?  Here’s our very own Inconsistent Earth Mother, Jackie Heffer-Cooke, with the latest instalment of her blog… covering all the joys, tears, highs and lows of love and life with children…

Inconsistent Earth Mother from the OGC

The Inconsistent Earth Mother loses control! 

Hi All,  so we’ve just got back from 2 days in Thorpe Park and it was f.u.n.!  I spent the first day watching my nearly nine year old enjoy the fact that she is now over 1.4 metres high, which means she can go on every single roller-coaster in the park.  This is a day she has been longing for since last year at Alton Towers when she wasn’t big enough to go on Oblivion.

And boy, did she lap it up – Nemesis, Rush, Samurai….all roller coasters with BIG names.  Why can’t they call them Dove, or Lush, or Tranquillity?  I’m sure I would be more tempted by those!

Fundamentally, I have control freak tendencies.  These are tendencies that have happily subsided in the last 9 years of having children (big lesson quickly learnt – um, you can’t control a new born), but I have always maintained that the reason that I don’t like roller-coasters is because I find it hard to relinquish control and, in this case, let a machine take me where it wants to.  Plus there is always the thought of a machine going wrong….

But there are some ways of living that I don’t want to embody anymore.  And one of those is that I don’t really want to hold myself back from experiences, just because my mind is telling me to.  I want to challenge that thought and be as free as my daredevil 9 year old to just be!

Don’t say no… give it a go!

Megs favourite saying is “don’t say no, give it a go”, a motto entirely encouraged and enthused by me.  Plus that and the amount of times I tell my hypnobirthing and pregnancy yoga mums to let go of fearful thoughts about birth and just ‘let birth happen’.  Sure there are lots of techniques that can help you with this, so maybe I should employ some now!  After all, I managed to do that with my second birth nearly 5 years ago, surely I can do it over a silly roller coaster named… Colossus (why couldn’t it have been The Dove – a great name for a roller-coaster I say!).

So the next morning, I declared that I was going on Colossus and I was totally looking forward to it.  I caught my husband and my daughter’s exchange of glance, bemused, confused, and off I went striding towards the queue.  The music in the queue of course wasn’t Steve Halpern relaxation music, it was a mixture of dread and loud heartbeat.  ‘Shhhh, don’t let it do what it is trying to.  It’s just for effect.  It’s not real.  No-one has ever died on Colossus in its history of 20 years’ I told myself over and over.  Give yourself a better thought… In my mind’s eye, I imagined myself, walking onto The Dove and flying like a bird, like in those flying dreams I love so much when in deep REM.

The Inconsistent Earth MotherAs I sat waiting on the stationary ride, as it got loaded up with excitable masses, I let myself go.  Just simply like that.  And we were off.  It was great.  What is it I always tell my soon-to-be birthing mums..? “You have to be so in control, that you allow yourself to totally let go”.

It was amazing.  I enjoyed it.  I thoroughly did.  Apparently the only roller coaster in the world which goes upside down 10 times!  After that I went on a couple more.

Isn’t it great when you just ‘get’ something and a light bulb moment takes you on to enjoy a moment in life that you’ll never forget?  If you are ever at Thorpe Park, I thoroughly recommend it, it’s a laugh!  It’s the super big one in the middle.  And it’s called The Dove!  It will take you on the flight of your life. Enjoy!  🙂

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