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11 August 2020

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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

1 Hour- £60.00 (Introductory Offer £45)

Six Sessions- £340 (Introductory Offer £250)


All new clients will receive a free initial consultation. These consultations will be carried out via telephone.


Life Coaching will help if you need direction, or feel ‘stuck’. Direction in any aspect, whether it is career, love, family relationships, goals you dream of, or just life in its self.

Having someone to listen, encourage and direct you in a positive note can be so powerful.


Life Coaching is interactive, we will give you tools that will empower your inner self, help you to set SMART goals to work towards and be that supportive ‘someone’ that we all need.


Treatment Overview

All clients will receive a free consultation in which we will discuss the process, reasons and path forward. Together we will reach a mutual agreement and decide if this treatment is right for you.


Your aspirations are vital and everyone will travel their own journey.   You will be supported throughout, with constant communication, suggestions to work outside the sessions and overall coaching support. We want you to reach your goals and we will aid you in getting there.


If we feel you would benefit from hypnotherapy included in your coaching we will create a plan that will benefit and suit you.



Brings clarity and positivity

Help to reach your life goals

Have someone to listen and be a cheerleader

A personal mentor

Teaches relaxation and positive mind-set

Encourages Self Worth/love

The Orange Grove:

We are based in the heart of Wymondham, where we provide a bespoke and professional service, catering to all of your massage and well-being needs. For further information on our hypnotherapy and life coaching sessions email [email protected].