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How to change the world

Do you want to learn how to change the world?  You CAN really make a difference to our planet and the people who live on it… and one way to begin is with our 10 month Professional Training Course in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.  The course begins again this October, having helped scores of students achieve their dreams of being their own boss, feel empowered to change their career and help others to feel empowered too.  In this blog post, course leader Rick Maczka has answers on how you too can change the world (and if you click here, you’ll find out about some amazing discounts on the course).

The biggest reward as a human? The Helpers High.

One of the most rewarding things you can do in this world is to help another human being get beyond, or get rid of, their suffering.  This might be in a small way by listening to them, or even better is when you can hear them speak differently, look differently, or even hear them thank you for helping them, because you have done something with them they would never have thought of on their own.  This feeling is often called the “Helpers High,” a natural feeling of euphoria that you have helped another human.

How could you change your life and the world?

Do you think you’d like to choose where you work?  And decide for how many hours a week or day?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Then you need to make sure you have a profession or skill set for that to happen.  Yet most importantly you need a vision of where you are heading, a set of goals and a big reason why you are doing what you want.

By understanding your Mind, quite simply you can have a better life.  If you understand how your thoughts come about, how your emotions are sometimes useful, and sometimes tricking you, then they can be managed. You can turn ideas into reality and feel what you want when you want, when you learn how to make choices based on the level of your emotions.

You might not need to understand how your car works to get to a destination, but then you don’t take your car into the office with you, to bed, or rely on your car for coming up with ideas, and running your emotional life. By understanding and running your own brain and emotions, you can have the quality of life that leads to happiness.

How to change the worldThe Skill of Happiness – for YOU and Others

Happiness is a skill and some seem to have it, some don’t.  Fortunately happiness can be learnt.  It is a skill set, like so many things, and a system can be followed that will help lead you to results. If you put those learnings and skills into practice daily you can be happy every day.

Unfortunately, we live in a “when I get this I will be happy culture”… when I get this latest phone I will be happy, when I get a partner I will be happy, when I get a nice house I will happy, when I eat I will be happy. Why wait?  So many people on their death bed say the thing they can look back on and realise is that it’s important just to be happy in every moment. We never know how much time we have or never know how much time those around us have, so be happy in the moment. If you had a week to live I bet you would enjoy every moment, every sound, every smell, every experience… well why wait? Do it now!

How can I change the world?

Changing the world can sound like a big task.  Yet it simply begins with changing you.  If you then can help 10 people change, by inspiring them, or giving them tools to be happy, what effect will those 10 people have on others and the world?

If you then can affect 10 people a year and they affect 10 people, how much of the world are you changing?

You might never know how far these changes will go but at the very least you are changing your experience of the world, and that is something few people get to do.  So many just live at the effect of the world and life. Do you want to feel at the effect of life and the world, or feel like you are creating your world and creating your life?

Life changing training

Learning NLP Hypnotherapy and Life coaching can give you all of the above. Time and time again students say at the end of training that it was life changing for them.

NLP in particular gives you skills and the effective means to set goals in a way that your mind enjoys, helps you form better relationships, helps you to run your emotional world, get rid of stress, gain confidence, lean to run your mind and body down to the level of what part of your nervous system is active, learn to overcome fears, learn to create habits that are useful, break old habits and gives many strategies for success in whatever way you want to have success. That’s just keeping it brief.

So if you want to change your life for the better, if you want to become extra ordinary, if you want contentment and lead a life with fulfilment I know of nothing better after 22 years of seeking methods of change than learning NLP Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching.

If you say to yourself I cant afford it, then that’s the reason you cannot afford to not take this training.
If you say you don’t have the time, then make time because it will pay you back over and over with making more time in your life, as you learn to work smarter.
If you don’t believe it works you can get your money back at the end of the second weekend –  ideas and skills need to be tested in the fire of one’s experience not taken on faith alone or with an ill-informed judgment made from watching a youtube clip.
If you don’t think it will work for you, even if it works for others, then come and find out otherwise you will get to prove yourself right. Being right isn’t always the best thing in life, some of lifes greatest lessons come from being wrong.
So what have you got to lose?  Book today – to find out more about our class dates and discounts to celebrate the Orange Grove Clinic’s 5th Birthday, please click here.