Jackie’s Private Sessions for Pregnancy & Birthing

Jackie’s Private Sessions for Pregnancy & Birthing

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is a highly regarded, experienced pregnancy and birth educator based in Norwich, Norfolk. She has trained with the elite in pregnancy and birth, and has over 10 years experience where she has worked with thousands of women, couples and new parents, teaching them tools and techniques that are proven to work.

Through her work, Jackie has helped many couples and women achieve calm, and more pain-free ‘normal’ births, but she is also highly skilled in working with women who need more medicalised births, such as inductions and caesarean sections.

1-1 Yoga Sessions

As well as private sessions for pregnancy and birth, Jackie also teaches private pregnancy yoga and adult yoga sessions. She is able to visit you and teach you from the comfort of your own home for a pre-agreed small fee.

turning transverse baby

Induction Preparation

In our region, around 35% of women are now being induced. Reasons for induction can be varied, but they usually are suggested because the baby has been scanned too big, or too small. Alternatively, it can be because the pregnant woman is older, or nearing 42 weeks.

Inductions can unfortunately, lead to longer, lengthier births. They are also often more challenging for birthing mothers. Orange Grove founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke specialises in preparation for induction, leaving you feeling knowledgable, empowered, safe and more ready to meet your induction (and your baby) with the right tools and techniques to use along your journey.

This appointment is only for women who are a few days before their medical induction date, as it includes a natural induction massage.

£75 for 90 mins.

hypnobirthing for caesarean

Hypnosis for Caesarean

Jackie has been teaching Hypnobirthing for 10 years, and is the most experienced Hypnobirthing practitioner in Norfolk. She is also now a certified teacher in Hypnobirthing through her teacher training school, ZenMuma.

Owing to her decade of experience, Jackie recognises that all births come with different journeys and she would love to help you experience a calmer caesarean experience.

£55 for 60 mins. 

pregnancy massage

Holistic Pregnancy Massage

Jackie Heffer-Cooke is a senior in pregnancy massage and holds a MASTER certificate in massage. She has been massaging pregnant women for 10 years and uses her experience to skilfully fine-tune the massage to the individual.

Whether you need a massage for aches and pains, for anxiety, or simply for some calming relaxation, book in with Jackie today.

£75 for 90 mins.

induction massage norwich

Baby Positioning for Birth

At the time of writing, Jackie has a 100% success rate with helping women turn transverse babies. She works with such techniques as ‘dip the hip’, rebozo, and uterine release. She may also be able to help with back-to-back babies.  Contact her now.

£75 for 90 mins.

massage in labour

Massage Techniques for Labour

The Birth Partner has an incredible role to play on the day of birthing. Take a look at ‘The Birthing Toolkit’ to really understand how you can be the best birth partner possible, but if you would like to really learn how to help relieve back pain specifically, and how to boost those super birthing hormones oxytocin and endorphin, then this guided session is for you.

£60 per couple for 60 mins.