Jackie Heffer-Cooke: Pregnancy, Birthing & Yoga Expert

Jackie Heffer-Cooke: Pregnancy, Birthing & Yoga Expert

Founder of the Orange Grove Clinic, ZenMuma and ZenKids. Pregnancy and Birth Educator, Hypnobirthing Instructor, Induction and Birth Preparation Expert and Massage Therapist.

Jackie is a highly regarded experienced pregnancy and birth educator based in Norwich, Norfolk. She has trained with the elite in pregnancy and birth, and has over 10 years experience working with women and couples across the county and further afield.

Her teaching consists of enabling couples with proven tools and techniques to ensure happier, and healthier pregnancies and births. She helps couples achieve calm, more pain-free ‘normal’ births, but is also highly skilled at working with women who require more medicalised births, such as inductions and C-sections.

Where Did It Start?

In 2007, Jackie studied Holistic Massage with the Massage Training Institute, a therapy she had always used to help her own stress management when working as a TV executive before she had children.  Since then she has provided tailored massage to individuals, working with different massage techniques from light touch to deep tissue, to help people with such issues as insomnia, headaches, and frozen shoulders.

In 2008, whilst living in a state of ‘new motherhood’ she wanted to develop a practice which offered pregnancy massage to local mums, training with the internationally acclaimed Suzanne Yates of WellMother, and began providing massage for pregnancy specific aches and pains, pregnancy insomnia and natural inductions.

“I just wanted to say thanks to Jackie, her birthing tool kit was so helpful! Damian and I were both raving about it after the birth of our little boy, Dexter.”

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Jackie’s Discovery of HypnoBirthing

Having had a difficult first birth with her daughter Megan, in 2008 Jackie also became very interested in HypnoBirthing and the effect that the fear of birth has on the mind and therefore on the body, during birth. Over time and after studying with the internationally renowned Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing, she set up BeCalm HypnoBirthing and Massage in 2009, helping support pregnant and birthing mums, from a mind and a body perspective.

“A Truly Inspirational Hypnobirthing Teacher!” 

During this time she had an amazing birth experience with her next baby, her little boy Sam, and when he was still a baby she trained with CamYoga in Baby Yoga, afterwards setting up YogaBubs – Baby Yoga and Massage.  Just a couple of years later, with BeCalm becoming very successful, she took an opportunity to link up with her good friend and work colleague Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans and together they opened up a thriving multi-practise complementary health care clinic in Norwich called the Orange Grove Clinic.

After being inspired to do her pregnancy yoga training with BirthLight, which she completed in early 2013, Jackie developed ‘ZenMuma’ pregnancy yoga as part of her complete package supporting pregnant, birthing and new mums.

Jackie also works as an expert for BabyCentre, Columnist for The Evening News and The NCT, Editor of The Baby Magazine, Producer and Presenter for Future Radio.  She is also Founder of ZenMuma specialised yoga and hypnobirthing teacher training school as well as Director of the NEW ZenMuma Online.

Most importantly, Jackie is a dedicated Mum of two and loves nothing better than family friendly festivals in the summer and muddy wellies in the winter!

To book an appointment with Jackie, call Reception on 07813 069529, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.