Insomnia relief? Yes, massage can make a difference!

If you have been looking for insomnia relief, you are not alone…our Orange Grove Massage Angels Archangel, Amelia, has been talking to a few people with insomnia lately, so she decided to put this short blog together to explain how massage can help…

I have been asked several times recently, can massage help insomnia sufferers?  In short yes!  Because insomnia is associated with a lack of serotonin within the body, massage increases the production of serotonin which helps the body relax and wind down.

Natural insomnia relief from the Orange Grove ClinicChronic insomnia is classed as poor sleep every night, or most nights, over a 6 month period.  This endless cycle can cause extreme fatigue, problems with concentration and can adversely affect a person’s mood and well-being.  And with increased workloads, pace of life and the general need to squeeze as much as possible into our living hours, the amount of insomnia or sufferers of poor sleep is increasing dramatically.

Serotonin plays a role in mood, behaviour, body temperature, physical coordination, appetite and sleep.  All of these are therefore affected when we don’t have enough quality sleep and can lead to a long list of other health and wellbeing problems if left untreated for a sustained amount of time.

Massage is an intelligent, healthy and substance free choice to help the increasing numbers of people that have insomnia.  Because serotonin plays a role in sleep in multiple areas of the brain, it is logical to seek ways to increase serotonin levels for people that are sleep deprived.  In addition, serotonin is needed for our bodies to produce melatonin.  As melatonin influences the sleep stage of our circadian rhythm, a natural way of boosting serotonin is a positive sleep inducing option.

Regular massage treatments can do wonders for so many health and wellbeing complaints and is fast becoming an alternative therapy to drugs and medical solutions.

If you’ve never had massage, or if you’re not sure how it could help you sleep, why not try our Massage Angel special offer ‘Top to Toe’ treatment (1hr for £30) which works on the most stress relieving areas of the body – the face, head and feet –  and see if we can help you catch some more of those precious Z’s.

You can book an appointment in Clinic with our Massage Angels by going to our contact page or by calling Reception in 01603 631 900.  To find out how our Massage Angels can add a touch of relaxation to your workplace or event, you can check out their page here, or contact Amelia on [email protected]