Indulge in a Total Relaxation Massage at the Orange Grove Clinic

Why Should You Get a Total Relaxation Massage?

A total relaxation massage is exactly what it says on the tin. To get rid of the aches and pains gained from the tiresome working week, indulge yourself with one of these. Using nourishing and specifically chosen massage oils, our Massage Angels will truly help to take away any stresses you are carrying. Our techniques used to make the relaxation massage so soothing is a combination of long strokes with sumptuous oils. The massage will relieve you of any stress and tension that you may have been acquiring up over time.

Here at Orange Grove Clinic, the relaxation massage is offered in two options, either the 60 minute or 90 minutes. So if you are feeling extra tense, we highly recommend that you take the longer massage. The smooth long strokes, kneading and gentle touch will leave you with an overwhelming sense of wellbeing.

What techniques are used during the relaxation massage?

The process of a luxurious relaxation massage consists of a range of calming techniques. These techniques paired with specialised oils are perfect for getting out knots and strains in your body. Some of the methods used will include longitudinal gliding, a helpful technique to help the movement of blood flow and reduce inflammation and relax tight muscles. Similarly, kneading is an equally relaxing technique used, however the pressure used in a relaxation massage will be a lot softer than how it is used in more intense massages.

Why would you go for a relaxation massage?

Not only are relaxation massages beneficial to the body, but also the mind. Stress relief is the most prominent benefits found by having a relaxation massage. Having a one hour massage can decrease stress by lowering your heart rate and lessening levels of cortisol and insulin. Likewise, relaxation massages can truly help with anxiety. A study conducted by Swedish researcher Lenita Lindgren discovered that “a tactile massage can reduce anxiety among patients after they’ve undergone major surgery and also reduce stress in healthy persons. Recipients felt better and more relaxed. In addition to the improvements reported by study participants, monitoring showed a decrease in blood pressure and participants found it easier to breathe.”

Go on treat yourself, take yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and come and indulge in total bliss!

Total Relaxation Massage. 60 minutes £42, 90 minutes £62. To book your hour of calm with one of our Massage Angels click here.