Hypnobirthing Video Tips from Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Jackie Heffer-Cooke shares some of the essential top tips she covers in her Hypnobirthing courses and in the Birthing Toolkit Workshop.


Hypnobirthing – What’s it all about?

Starting first with Jackie’s introduction to hypnobirthing, where it originates, Jackie’s experience and how the tools learned will help you feel prepared, empowered, calm and in control.

Sleep Breathing During Labour

Learn some simple and effective techniques to breath during labour. In this video, Jackie talks Sleep breathing or relaxation breathing. To build up your endorphins to create a calmer you during birthing your baby.

Surge Breathing

Find out about the birthing muscles and in particular the uterus muscle – where it is, what it does, how it works and surge breathing

Golden Thread Breathing

Established labour – when those muscles are working super hard, Jackie explains how Golden Thread Breath, or Bubble Breathing can help deal with established labour pains.

Feather Breathing

What to do if your midwife tells you to pant during labour when you’re close to or are fully dilated. Jackie explains how to breathe at this point. Don’t pant but try Feathering breathing.

Birth Positioning

Finally, you’re in the final stage of labour and you’re ready to push your baby out. Jackie talks about the optimum positions to birth baby.

We hope that you’ve enjoyed Jackie’s series of Hypnobirthing introduction videos. If you like what you’ve seen and want to learn more then find out more about Hypnobirthing, Birthing Tool Kit Workshop and One-to-One Hypnobirthing. Jackie also offers a Hypnobirthing Refresher for those who have done Hypnobirthing before.