Our Hypnobirthing courses in Norwich run by Hypnobirthing expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke, take place in a class format over two days.

If however you and your partner would rather choose a one-on-one Hypnobirthing course these can be arranged separately. Jackie also offers a Refresher Hypnobirthing course or if you have experienced a particularly traumatising first time birth there is also a course specifically to help you achieve a better birth experience the second time around through Hypnobirthing.

The best time to do a course is post 26 weeks during your pregnancy.

Jackie is trained by The Official International HypnoBirthing Institute. Many Hypnotherapists offer ‘self-hypnosis for birth’ sessions, but this course is the genuine internationally renowned HypnoBirthing course. Having worked in this field for nearly 10 years and has seen hundreds of HypnoBirthing parents that have had beautiful, successful and better birth experiences, because of this course.

Select your Norwich Hypnobirthing course below or call The Orange Grove Clinic Reception to Book on 01603 631900.