visit web page Our Hypnobirthing courses in Norwich are taught by Hypnobirthing leading expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke and take place in a class format over two days.

Jackie Heffer-Cooke’s reputation as the most experienced hypnobirthing practitioner in Norfolk precedes her, as she has helped lead thousands of women, and their birth partners, towards smoother, calmer and more confident births https://soundcloud.com/user-92262433.

continue reading We have won awards for our inspirational teaching of the successful SIMPLE Hypnobirthing Method and Jackie Heffer-Cooke is the founder and lead trainer for the International ZenMuma teacher training school.

https://www.magcloud.com/user/dumakake If required we can also arrange Hypnobirthing suited to your needs, time and budget. You can also learn the essentials of Hypnobirthing with The Birthing Tool Kit workshop.

link Select your Norwich Hypnobirthing course or contact Jackie on [email protected]