How to the best birth partner possible!

A childbirth preparation class may feel unnecessary right? Labour is going to happen anyway, what can you do! Well the truth is you, and your birth partner, can do a LOT to help your own labour. Here leading childbirth expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke reveals all about birthing and how having a Birthing Tool Kit is paramount to an easier and better birth. 

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So, in days of many moons ago, before hospitals and houses, women would have simply crept into a cave, a hut, or some water, and birthed safely – knowing their ‘silver back gorilla’ was protecting them from any big nasties that may want to eat them whilst in the birthing act. This was and still is the only way women will birth comfortably and with ease, if they feel safe. These days it’s not about beating off approaching bears with a stick, but the idea remains the same. Birth partners need to make their birthing loved one feel safe and secure, that way birthing mum can forget about everything else and just simply birth.

Birth partners need to be confident!

We know that communication is made of 7% words, 38% tone of voice, and 55% physiology, so what is communicated through our physiology (our body language) counts for the greatest part of any communication. So if he looks terrified and pale with fear, or worse, if anxiety makes him aggressive or flustered, it’s not going to help play out that beautiful calm birth you imagined.

Do a class together and feel super knowledgeable

So, tell him all he needs to know about birth, and what to expect. If we feel more knowledgeable, we feel more in control, therefore we feel calmer. Plus, in classes like the Birthing Tool Kit and HypnoBirthing he will learn super good breathing and deep relaxation techniques too so he can help you, but also use them to help himself too, therefore keeping you both in calm control. Put simply, if you look at someone and their face is full of fear and horror – we will react negatively, if we look at someone and their face is calm and reassuring – we will react positively.

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10 steps to being a birth partner super hero!

As well as being a birthing mum, I’ve been a birth partner, and we all want to get it right. We want to walk away saying, wow! We did good! (and even if it goes a little Pete Tong as sometimes these things do, you can look back together saying, we did the very best we could!)


  1. Be prepared for labour. Have the bag packed, know where everything is, have all the conversations about what you really do, and really don’t want – BEFORE the big day itself.
  2. Communicate confidence with your eyes, look directly into birthing mums eyes, and hold that gaze securely.
  3. Communicate calm through the body by being calm, that means breathing steadily and communicating confidence.
  4. With words be empathetic, understanding and add something positive like “Yes, you are doing so well and working really hard, you will soon be holding our baby in your arms, you’re nearly there, and you’re amazing!”
  5. During established birth and into transitionIf you have practised breathing techniques together then it’s sometimes helpful for the birth partner to join in, even act them out, making the balloon breath into the surges for example really big gestures with the hands. Or if birthing mum is using a count through the surges as a distraction mechanism join in. Perhaps they are visualising something, ask what it is and see if you can help describe it and keep them there. It’s not hard, it’s super simple. A HypnoBirthing class will tell you all you need to know.
  6. Be the voice! Birthing mums need to keep themselves in birth, so birth partners be the communicator. Take on the role of talking to the midwife on the phone, or when you arrive at the hospital.
  7. Think – how can I make her more comfortable? You may not think there is anything you can do to support your birthing loved one as she moos like a cow whilst on all fours, shaking her hips from side-to-side (come to YogaBumps to learn some great active birth moves), but the next day she won’t thank you for the sore knees. Pop a cushion under her knees, her arms, behind her back. Help her be as comfortable as possible.
  8. Mmmm MassageYup massage ticks all the boxes for birth. Whether it’s oxytocin enhancing soft touch, or meaty massage for back ache, you can be Massage God! Get it right. Practise beforehand. Come to the OGC for a couple of hour’s tuition if you like…
  9. Don’t forget to pack a bendy strawBirth is very dehydrating. Make sure your partner drinks every 10 mins, or every other surge during the final stages of labour. Ice cold water through a bendy straw will means she won’t have to get out of her favourite labour position to do it! Hero.
  10. Enjoy it. Birth does not have to be scary, it can be an amazing, exhilarating, experience you will both remember for the rest of your life!


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