Get your Beach Body Ready with Manual Lymphatic Drainage!

Manual lymphatic drainage therapy in Norwich with The Orange Grove ClinicIf you want to know how to reduce celluliteManual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) can be a very effective therapy for reducing cellulite and improving the appearance of your skin.  Our Norwich manual lymphatic drainage therapist, Kimberley Dawn Carpenter, can help you get your summer body ready with MLD massage… in this blog post Kimberley explains how MLD massage can help to support better looking skin and the relief of fluid retention.

REady for the Beach? How to Reduce Cellulite!

Manual lymphatic drainage can help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  How?  By stimulating the localised area, draining & releasing toxins held within the thighs and buttocks.  An intensive short term course of treatment has the best effects, which is ideal just before your holiday.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for Fluid Retention

During the hot weather, many people can suffer with fluid retention.   Manual lymphatic drainage can be very effective for relieving fluid retention, which is ideal for any summer event you may have.  Perhaps you are getting married and would like help to get rid of your swollen ankles?  This soothing treatment is also very relaxing before any big day or to get you in the holiday mood, using a combination of aromatherapy oils to assist the release of toxins and drainage promoted by soothing massage strokes.

Through the release of fluid retention, manual lymphatic drainage is also great for anyone needing help to lose that last inch or two before their big day. Excess fluid held within the tissues could mean the difference between fitting into that special dress for that special occasion

Supporting you during long journeys

Travelling for your holiday? Long flights, car or train journeys that keep you seated for long periods of time can all have an impact on your lower legs. Is localised fluid retention a problem for you? MLD can reawaken the localised circulation, boost the lymphatic system to drain & release the excess fluid.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage During Pregnancy and Post-Natally

Swollen ankles and wrists is extremely common during pregnancy and after having a baby.  This can become a rather uncomfortable problem for women in their late stages of pregnancy as the weather heats up.  Localised MLD massage is gentle enough for use during pregnancy. Take some time out, feel pampered, deeply relaxed and watch the fluid disperse!

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is provided by Norwich based expert, Kimberley Dawn Carpenter. Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), is a very gentle form of massage and can help to reawaken the body’s lymphatic system by encouraging the flow and release of lymphatic fluid. This can help to encourage the removal of fluid retention, otherwise known as oedema and help to promote better skin quality and reduce cellulite.

Appointments for manual lymphatic drainage are available with Kimberley Dawn Carpenter at our Norwich based clinic throughout the week – session prices are £40 per hour.  To book your first session please call us on 01603 631 900 or you can contact us here.  Also do sign up to our newsletter to receive further news of upcoming promotions and discounted treatments.  Click here.