How to make your place of work a happier and healthier place to be…

Apparently, we spend on average 90,000 hours at work in a lifetime! That’s a lot of hours. For some of us we work to live, for some of us we live to work, the best way, as always, is to find the balance.


I write because I had a brilliant experience this week. Our lovely and super-talented Massage Therapists, otherwise known as The Massage Angels, are often asked to visit businesses as part of wellbeing initiatives by forward thinking companies. It makes sense that happy, healthy staff, are more productive at work, and inviting a massage therapist into your workplace to massage your staffs aches and pains from desk work, or stress related issues, is a great obvious way for bosses to say to their staff “we care about you”.

As it happens, due to my own staff being on professional training, I ended up massaging at an office at a Wellbeing Day myself last week, something I haven’t done for a while! But I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it more than usual because this particular office was not ‘one-of-the-norm’ but was a space where wellbeing was not an afterthought, it seemed to be rooted into the very core of who they are and what they do!

So yes, Naked Wines, you are getting a shout out, an award for ‘staff well being business of the year’ from us at the Orange Grove, as we are so very impressed! Not only did the canteen offer a bright and cheerful space for lunch, with great amenities (yes including bar space for tasting wine of course) but around were a mixture of activities, table tennis, pool, a slide from which you can grab a positive affirmation at the top and slide down with it, and also yoga mats ready for action, a tree of faces of the family of staff, a ‘making a difference’ board with charity events and challenges, a People Manager who looked after all of it, and from what I can make out a pretty happy team. It was refreshing, it was innovative, it was imaginative, it was cool.

Just take a moment, take a moment to really ponder on what it would be like for us all to enjoy our work spaces, what a difference it would have on our sense of wellbeing, as a people, as a community, as whole.

So, thank you Naked Wines for leading the way, and thank you for the inspiration to other companies who may want to follow suit, and thank you for asking us to spend some time taking care of your staffs knots in their necks from all that unavoidable mouse work. We commend you!


To book our Massage Angels to visit your place of work email [email protected] or call 01603 631900 and press option 5. Either as a one-of, or a regular booking, we would love to spread some health and happiness into your office too!