How massage can help tinnitus

Massage Helps Tinnitus!

According to ‘Action on Hearing Loss’ one in 10 people across the UK is affected by Tinnitus every day, ranging from a “light buzzing”, “like being underwater” to a “constant roar” in the ears and head. The Orange Grove Director, Jackie Heffer-Cooke talks about her personal relationship with the debilitating disorder and reveals how she finds massage the cure…

“We don’t really know what causes it…”

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Tinnitus has been teasing me for around 12 years with its annoying noisy scythe. It comes, it goes, like a maddening grim reaper. The fear is that it may pick you to live in an eternity of living hell, the hope is that it will slide along, taking its deathly hum with it, leaving you with a soft, peaceful head – a quiet joy of silent calm angels.

In April 2013 it decided to stay for a while with me, months in fact. It settled in, deep. During that time I was running a business, studying for a diploma, looking after two young children and moving house. Some may say it was exhaustion that tipped the scythe over the edge and into my inner ear and pounding sleepless head.

After the tearful realisation after three months that this may not go away a few trips to the GP ensued. The advice, “we don’t really know what causes it or what we can do. It can be caused by infection, virus, inner ear issues and lifestyle issues. With your recent history I would say it seems to be related to lifestyle issues. Give it a few weeks and see what happens”.

Lifestyle issues: what do I do first? Shut my business and not afford to keep my new house I have just moved into? Or, give my children up for adoption. Hmmm.

“What actually happened … I took massage… and it went away”

What actually happened, the truth is, I took a massage and it went away. I used other various self-help techniques at the time, lessened my alcohol, caffeine, and sugar, saw a chiropractor, balanced my adrenals, but essentially it really was a massage that cured it. I remember the day so clearly, I had a massage at The Orange Grove Clinic with the wonderful practitioner Claire Robilliard. The majority of time was spent loosening the tension around the top of my spine, shoulders, neck, skull, jaw. The next morning, I woke up and the grim reaper had gone. Completely gone. I felt amazing. Truly. No one knows how amazing it feels for the consistent, loud, debilitating, unsociable, depressing, damning noise to just disappear, unless it has happened to you. That was February 2014.

“The science behind it…”

The science behind it begins with the sternocleidomastoid, the masseter and the medial and lateral pterygoids. These four muscles can be the culprit of Tinnitus symptoms. In my case, it seems they are, and in my case massage works.  If Tinnitus is more permanent, a regular massage routine may allow you to reduce the volume of Tinnitus, or to even manage it. Or for those sufferers unable to find relief in this way a regular massage may be able to reduce stress and anxiety caused by Tinnitus, with the added bonus or potentially lessening the volume.

The next day I woke up with NO Tinnitus. I AM relieved.

So now my permanent Tinnitus has gone, but I do live under its cloudy threat and every time I get a virus or a bug it ‘goes to my ears’. For the last couple of weeks I have felt viral – headaches, lethargic, and the dreaded happened last Thursday – I woke up with that daunting loud buzz in my ears, and my fear

Now I am quick to resolve the issue. On Friday I booked a massage with wonderful Jess at The Orange Grove Clinic and we focused on my back, shoulders, head, neck and jaw. Immediately I FELT relieved. The next day I woke up with NO Tinnitus. I AM relieved.

Thank you Jess, you really are my own personal Massage Angel! 😊

Always refer to your doctor regarding issues of health and be aware that Jackie Heffer-Cooke is talking from personal experience. But if you would like to see if massage can help you call 01603 631900, option 1 or email [email protected]