How I Cured my Back Pain

Our Hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) specialist Rick Maczka, talks about how he cured his own back pain through the methods he teaches. 

Age 15 I was kicked in the lower back whilst playing Rugby after school and found I could hardly walk afterwards I spent days crawling around on my hands and knees and most of my time lying on the hard floor to supposedly help my back. But the back pain was excruciating. helping Back pain

Six months later I could walk, run and yet only with constant pain in my back. I had an x ray and they told me a disc was pro lapsed and I might have pain for rest of my life. When I asked if there was any exercise to do to relieve or help my back the DR told me “no best avoid exercise it will make things worse”. I took that advice and until the age of 30 made a deliberate effort to stay away from exercise and suffered with the constant back pain.

Fast forwards and it got to  a point as I got out of bed my legs would almost collapse under me and I began to face choice of 2 invasive operations. I had tried everything, pain killers, exercise, injections around my spine, pilates, yoga, tai Chi, acupuncture, hanging from a door frame daily by my ankles like a bat, nothing worked.

In learning to become a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist I trained in NLP and various other therapies such as EFT TFT TAT. I learnt that people could manage pain, reduce it and even have periods free of pain. I threw myself in learning everything I could to help others and to help my own back pain.

I was faced with potentially 2 operations to sort out my spine, it was now known I had one vertebrae fusing onto one below and another had shrunk to 1 millimetre in thickness and I had a prolapsed disc.

Despite this I am Pain Free and have been for a long time!

How I cured my Back Pain in four steps

NLP Hypnotherapy Training Norwich The OGCI changed many things in my mind. Below is what helped and it was step 4 that sorted it.

  1. I changed my identity, I was no longer someone with a bad back. I told myself my back was perfect and a wonder of nature. I told myself it was the centre of my body’s structure and doing a valuable job. Anything other than it being bad or weak or vulnerable. It made some difference.
  2. I released a lot of negative emotions, I owned my anger and frustrations at my limitations and my discomfort at being held back physically in life.
  3. I stopped using any words related to pain and problems with my back, so out went words like sore, pulsing, stiff and hurt.
  4. Then what made the difference, I learnt to visualise in a very particular way. I made a visual image every time I got a sensation or feeling in or around my back. This began to retrain my mind to go from being focused on “feeling” centres in the nervous system to the “visual” centres. By repeating many times a day it became a habit, and eventually no more pain ! It doesn’t matter what visual image you use, you could visualise a carrot or an orange, as long as you did it regularly and consistently. Pain motivated me to do it, so did the fact of facing potentially worsening problems. My personal image was a back night sky, dark cloudy and then a lightning flash across that sky so everything brightened a full moon appeared and then I saw stars twinkling in that sky so everything became lighter, clearer and much brighter. This visual image took 2 seconds to 3 seconds to run through my mind, and even if I do it now in my mind as typing it feels calming to me, it represents to me leaving a dark place and finding the light and finding energy. This process took a few weeks to work, it took time for this new mental habit to form, and it has been worth the wait.I almost never have to do the visualisation, but if I have some unpleasant sensation in my back every few months I do the practice and all is well.

So today my quality of life has changed. You can too if you have been suffering with pain. Pain is just an alert from the body telling us something needs paying attention to. The pain from a blister lets us know to treat that part of the body differently, to apply cold water, if it’s a burn blister, to change way of walking, or amount of walking if blister on foot. Pain is almost never just in the mind, it is a real experience. What’s important is what our mind does with that experience. We can educate our own minds in how to respond. When we have paid wise attention to whatever that is that pain is telling us, then it’s time for the  body to stop its messages.

In treating people in my work at the clinic it is variable who needs what. Some just need to do step 4 and that is enough, some need just step 1 and 4. My role is to make it happen for you. So get in touch if you want to find out if pain is optional in your life.

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