Hot Stone Massage now £42! Expired

Are you suffering with back and shoulder pain as the weather starts to change? This month we’re offering £10 OFF a 60 minute hot stone massage at our clinic in Wymondham, Norfolk. The massage, which helps reduce troublesome tension, also relieves pain and encourages relaxation throughout the body and mind. 
Heat has long been used to ease muscle tension and pain. The stones which are made from basalt, a volcanic rock, retains heat and can be placed along the spine, and across the back to focus on tension areas. Our highly trained massage therapists then use the stones to massage into the body. The stones warm the soft tissue and therefore increase the blood flow to the tight muscles. This increases circulation and enables the muscles to relax so the therapist can work deeply, more comfortably. Like any massage, the treatment is packed full of health benefits to aid wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Hot stone massage is a treatment that creates the same feeling as a hot bath or the sun’s rays, the warming sensation of being massaged with hot and cold stones is incredibly relaxing and soothing.

If you’re feeling tension in your shoulders, the stones will help focus on those tension areas and soothe the pain away.

Any worries playing on your mind? The stones will help you find perspective.

A job that’s stressing you out? Your stress will be eased away.

What are the benefits of hot stone massage?

Hot stone massage discount


  • Hot stone massage is beneficial for you physically and psychologically.


  • Physically, the heat retained in the basalt stones helps the muscles to relax, helping to ease muscle tension and soothe away bothersome aches and pains.


  • Mentally, just taking the time to relax in the peace and quiet during a massage can help to slow down a busy mind. However with hot stone it helps to ease mental tension and de-stress you from top to toe.


  • It improves circulation. Feeling tired and run down in some cases can cause the muscles to feel tight and tense more than usual and with the hot stones increasing circulation, this delivers more oxygen to the muscles helping to ease the aches and tension.


  • It can help detox and improve immunity. Heat opens the pores, which allows toxins to be released from the body. Furthermore, heat encourages white blood cells to accumulate in the affected area, which subsequently helps the body fight viruses, bacteria and germs.


If you fancy easing away you’re daily stresses and unwinding ready for the winter ahead, why not book your Hot Stone Massage today! Book here…


*It is recommended that pregnant clients do not have hot stone massages. Hot stone massages as with any other ordinary massage is performed with the client lying on their front. So ladies, stick to the pregnancy massages!