World Homeopathy Awareness Week: How to Boost Natural Fertility with Homeopathy in Norwich

This week is World Homeopathy Awareness Week, with this year’s focus the use of homeopathy to help support natural fertility.  In this blog post our homeopath Kathy Payne discusses how homeopathy can be used to enhance natural fertility, with details of her specialist fertility packages from The Orange Grove Clinic in Norwich.

Foresight fertility programme practitioner in Norwich Kathy PayneBoosting Natural Fertility with Homeopathy – by Norwich homeopath Kathy Payne

You’re hoping for a baby, right?

So you stopped taking precautions, cleaned up your act and still nothing is happening? It’s been a few months, a year or even a couple of years.

Maybe you’ve been given a diagnosis that means having a baby might be more difficult, like PCOS?  Or even more frustrating, you’ve been told your situation is “unexplained”?

Possibly you’re a little older and wondering if time is running out?  Everyone you know seems to be having babies?

You’re left wondering what to do next and where to go for help.   You are not alone.

I know a lot of couples who have found it difficult to conceive and before I became a homeopath, this is when I started to wonder if and how natural therapies could improve fertility.

The good news is they can!  And even better, success rates can be high (See 1 below).

Many people use natural therapies these days to boost their health before trying for a baby; some use them to address issues making natural conception difficult; others use them to prepare for IVF.

This year, World Homeopathy Awareness Week from April 10th – 16th 2012, recognises that many people choose Homeopathy to boost fertility.

When I started looking at natural fertility, I found internationally renowned homeopath Liz Lalor  in Australia. She has developed her own Homeopathy for Fertility Programme  over the past 20 years.  At time of writing (April 2012) she has a success rate of 87% (See 2 below).  Success speaks for itself, and I can offer you the same programme here in Norfolk because I had the privilege of training with Liz last year.

The programme has helped women with:-

  • Irregular cycles
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Period problems, like short and light periods or long and heavy ones
  • PCOS and history of ovarian cysts
  • Irregular or no recent ovulation
  • Endometriosis
  • Fibroids
  • History of Oral Contraceptive Pill use
  • History of miscarriage

The beauty of the homeopathic programme is that it is:-

  • Safe
  • Natural
  • Non harmful and non addictive
  • Minimises any healing responses (also known as temporary aggravation of symptoms)

And you are taking control to boost your health and natural fertility.

Working with me, you benefit from:-

  • Monthly reviews rather than weekly appointments, saving you time and money
  • A therapist focused on your care, without the need to visit several different people
  • Holistic and non-invasive treatment, important if you don’t like needles, undressing or being touched by others
  • Additional lifestyle advice to maximize your chances of conceiving
  • Access to non-invasive hair sample tests for mineral balance and toxic metals (if you choose these in addition to the programme)

Click the link to read more about my Homeopathy for Fertility package in Norwich.

To book your first appointment please phone The Orange Grove Reception  on 01603 631 900.  Or you can email [email protected].   Or go to our contact page.


(1)  No programme – including this one- can guarantee success.  Liz Lalor has a success rate of 87% (at time of writing- April 2012).  Like Liz, I work with women for 4 cycles typically – if women follow the recommendations consistently and do not fall pregnant in that time, it’s unlikely this programme will help their particular case. Like Liz, I also work with women aged 42 and under.

(2)   Liz Lalor’s data counts multiple births as only one birth to arrive at 87%.

Kathy Payne April 2012