Homeopathic Treatments… Giving Health a Sporting Chance

Sports massage The Orange Grove ClinicDid you know that homeopathic treatments can be very effective for sports-related injuries?

As the country goes Olympics mad this summer, Norwich Homeopath Kathy Payne expects to be called on by clients who are looking for a holistic way to sprint back to good health following minor sporting injuries.  In her latest blog post, Kathy discussed homeopathic treatments for sports injuries and suggests some homeopathic remedies that may help you.

Did you know that Homeopathy Awareness Week, from June 14th to June 21st, will this year focus on sports-related ailments?  That’s because homeopathic treatments can be very effective for all kinds of sports related injuries.

Sadly, sports injuries are all too common. In the 2010 Winter Olympics, 1 in every 10 athletes sustained an injury, according to a report in The British Journal of Sports Medicine.  The most common ailments were bruising, torn ligaments and muscular strain.

Even I bruised my knee after an “ice skating” accident earlier this year. Okay, so I was retrieving our wheelie bin from the drive when I slid on some ice and bashed by knee. Not terribly glamorous!  Well known (and more glamorous) sportspeople are among the six million users of homeopathic treatments in the UK, including soccer star David Beckham, tennis stars Boris Becker and Martina Navratilova, and rugby player Will Greenwood.

Homeopathic treatments (known as remedies) have long been used to treat simple sports-related problems, the most well known being Arnica, traditionally used for bruising and muscular soreness.  Also Ruta is commonly used in sprains and strains. Both of these are effective homeopathic treatments that can be taken as pills and also used as creams or gels to rub into unbroken skin.

Research studies have suggested that Arnica can have an anti-inflammatory effect and reduce bruising, with one placebo-controlled trial concluding that a cream containing a combination of homeopathic treatments (including Arnica) was effective for treating sprained ankles.  I used Arnica on my own knee injury, incidentally, to bring out the bruise and reduce soreness.

So if you are looking at a more holistic way of dealing with those minor sports related ailments and want to try homeopathic treatments, do drop me a line on [email protected]   or call The Orange Grove Reception to book an appointment on .

You may also consider using homeopathic treatments in conjunction with sports massage,  or cranio-sacral osteopathy, alongside an anti-inflammatory diet and supplements such as high magnesium Ultra-Muscleze to support muscle repair and relaxation.  All of these therapies and treatments are available at The Orange Grove Clinic.

Above all, stay healthy and enjoy keeping fit!  Kathy.