Health for Business: Getting the best from your staff and teams

Putting the health back into Health and Safety

Stressful working lives

With the march of technology and the omnipresence of smartphones, laptops and wifi connectivity, the boundaries between work and personal life are becoming increasingly blurred, making it harder for employees to switch off and recharge before coming into work the next day. The consequences? Stress, anxiety and reduced productivity. The result? A large cost to your business.

No longer can employers ignore the problems as what may start out to be a non-work related issue can have a negative business impact. Stress invariably leads to excessive drinking and smoking, poorer eating habits and fitful sleep, all of which can affect relationships in the workplace, pressure management and customer service.

Improve how you’re working

Despite longer hours we’re actually becoming less productive at work.  Dipping energy levels, difficulty concentrating, the strains and stress on the body and mind all indicate that we can improve the way we’re working.

The Health for Business package is a mechanism we provide for getting the best out of your staff. Our team of complementary health experts will come to your place of work to run a wellbeing day that will help your workers address the underlying issues that can lead to stress and its associated problems.

Our Massage Angels can visit your premises to offer a relaxing massage to your staff or customers and our team will work with you to produce an active day that fits your business and will help you to improve how your staff are working.

We offer a range of workshops including massage, nutritional advice, tips and tricks for de-stressing and how to improve sleeping habits.

Why work with the Orange Grove Clinic?

Our therapists and practitioners are experts in their field and have long experience at isolating and advising on health and wellbeing issues. Catherine Jeans has a range of qualifications in nutritional therapy and contributes regularly to the Daily Telegraph and Channel 4. Jackie Heffer Cooke studied holistic massage as a stress-coping mechanism and now provides services to clients for an array of complaints including insomnia and headaches. She also runs the hypnobirthing service.

The benefits to your organisation

A healthy workforce saves a business a lot of money. It has been estimated that stress-related illnesses cost employers over £1000 per employee each year. One third of this cost is sickness-related absence but, shockingly, two thirds is related to presenteeism – the practice of turning up to work when not fully fit and struggling with productivity and responsibility.

Health for Business saves your organisation money directly, improves staff morale, reduces sickness-related absence and provides a robust platform for your staff to look after themselves. We will offer your employees a way to unwind and relax, along with the knowledge of how to cope with stress and anxiety, so that they feel they can give you 100% in the workplace.

We’ll take a holistic view of how you can improve the way you’re working and achieve the balance that allows your staff to work more effectively, efficiently and happily.

Promoting physical activity and healthy food choices in the workplace helps employees feel valued.  Health for Business can help to educate your employees on how to eat well and how to eat for energy, encouraging staff to avoid lethargy, unwanted weight gain and maintain productivity for the whole working day.

The benefits of the Health for Business package:

  • Improved retention
  • Higher employee commitment
  • Higher productivity
  • Reduced accidents at work
  • Enhanced employer brand
  • Greater employee resilience

The Orange Grove and Health for Business offer a range of packages to suit your needs.  Whether we come and see you and your staff once a month for an afternoon, or for a whole day once a quarter, let us look after your staff so that your staff can look after you!

To discuss your specific business needs, please call us to arrange a free introductory meeting to discuss our bespoke packages and how we can support you to enhance productivity and get the best out of your teams.

Call us today on or you can email us via our contact page.

Our packages:

The Orange Grove and Health for Business offer a range of packages to suit your needs.  Whether we come and see you and your staff once a month for an afternoon, or for a whole day once a quarter, let us look after your staff so that your staff can look after you!

  • Monthly sessions: from £240 per month or £2640 per year
  • Quarterly sessions: from £240 per quarter or £740 per year
  • Half day, seminars and therapies: £720 – £1,100
  • Full day, seminars and therapies: £1,580 – £2,700

Please note, prices will vary depending on whether we provide seminars, therapies or both.

Seminar options:

  • Eating for Energy
  • Weight Loss
  • Eating for IBS
  • Bake Off
  • Headspace
  • Stress Management

An example itinerary for a full 6 hour day:

  • Yoga:  all day
  • Massage:  all day
  • Nutrition seminar and bake off:  2 hours
  • Stress Management seminar:  2 hours
  • Health Checks:  all day

Who have we worked for?

Our highly professional team have worked with some of the largest corporations around the region, including the BBC, John Lewis, Waitrose, Spire Hospital and Virgin Money.