Health Benefits of Regular Manicures and Pedicures

There’s so much more to manicures and pedicures than getting a new colour on your nails.

For those not in the know getting your nails done might seem like an indulgence but the reality is that booking these treatments regularly has real health benefits that go beyond your hands and feet.

Let’s start with the obvious your fingers and toes will look better (even if you go for a natural finish). Your hands are on display all the time, so a manicure is certainly as important as a haircut. What about your feet though? Surely, they’re hidden from view except for a few weeks in summer.

Many people aren’t comfortable with their feet. They’re just fine hiding them away, and neglecting them, all year. While hands get regular and thorough washing, feet can be awkward to do (unless you have a talent for standing on one leg in the shower). During a full pedicure, your feet will be soaked and taken care of by an expert. The results go a bit further than just having tootsies that aren’t grimy.


Removal of dead skin cells

One of the reasons that your hands and feet look so great after a treatment is that they are smoother. All the rough edges and dead cells are gone. Any dry cracked skin has been dealt with and new cell growth is encouraged. It also ensures that calluses can be spotted by the beauty therapist doing the treatment and removed before they build up too much and become painful.


Healthy feet

There’s something else a trained beautician will be able to identify before you do – particularly when it comes to your feet – fungal infections. Think about your feet sweating away in socks all day and then not getting properly washed. It’s not a surprise then that infections can result. Unless you’re pretty flexible examining the gaps between your toes for early signs of what’s causing that itchy sensation can be challenging. Another reason why the trained beauty therapist is so valuable. They can make your fingers and toes look soft and pretty while giving them a thorough check for potential problems.


Is a manicure relaxing?

The benefits don’t end with more attractive appendages either. Taking time for a manicure, even one of our express treatments that take less than half an hour, gives you time out. It’s an opportunity to relax and take it easy. No fiddling with your phone, particularly if you’re having a manicure, or rushing off to deal with a crisis. Consider booking a treatment that includes arm or leg massage with a rich cream to really soothe any tension. It’s time for you to recharge while our Orange Grove Angels take care of you.


Stronger nails

And finally, consider what the process of filing brings to your nails. A bit like having your hair cut, it removes jagged edges and promotes strength by ensuring they grow evenly. Yes, you can file your own nails but there is a right way to do it that doesn’t cause damage or weakness. Many treatments also include oil to hydrate and condition the nails and make them stronger.

Your hands and feet are too important to neglect. Taking care of them is taking care of you and ensuring that you look and feel your best. Discover the hand and feet treatments we have on offer including a men’s express manicure.

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