Five Great Reasons to go on a Yoga Retreat

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Whether they last a day, a weekend or a week, yoga retreats can be a truly transformative experience. Away from the daze and distractions of daily life, you’ll be able to focus solely on your yoga and your wellbeing. With that in mind, take a look at these five great reasons to go on a yoga retreat

1. You’ll perfect your poses

If you’ve got a packed, busy life, finding time to practice yoga regularly can be a challenge. But when you’re on a retreat, chances are you’ll have two classes in a day; you’ll probably learn some new poses, improve your posture and reawaken your passion for regular yoga practice.


2. You’ll gain perspective. 

Enjoying a day to yourself can work wonders for your mood, stress levels and perspective on life. By stepping away from your usual routine, you’ll be able to look at things calmly and logically and go home with a refreshed appreciation for life. Listen to your mind and body and allow yourself to truly let go.


3. You’ll get a digital detox. 

Yoga retreats are often a technology-free zone – at least for most of the day. Forget about posting, texting and tweeting and take advantage of the opportunity to be present in the moment. Give yourself permission to unplug for the day!


4. You’ll eat well without having to cook. 

Most yoga retreats are all inclusive, making it easy to get the nutrition you need without having to work at it. Say goodbye to a hastily made sandwich and hello to hotel standard catering!


5. You’ll make new yoga friends. 

One of best things about a yoga retreat is the lovely people you meet there. You’ll be surrounded by people with the same passion for yoga as yourself and probably a few of the same interests too.


6. (Bonus!) The next YogaBuds Mini Yoga Retreat is on Saturday 24th March!

That’s right. We’d love for you to join our Yoga Expert Jackie Heffer-Cooke at the stunning Caistor Hall Hotel for a day of restoration and rejuvenation. This mini retreat is specifically designed to help beginners experience all of the five delightful benefits above. You’ll start the morning with an energising Vinyasa yoga session, followed by rest and a delicious superfood lunch, created by Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans and prepared by the marvellous Caistor Hall chefs.  In the afternoon you’ll take part in a restorative yoga session, really focusing on the pelvic alignment; helping you understand your own pelvic idiosyncrasies, with tips to keep back aches and pains at bay and enjoying some deep and satisfying stretches to calm your body and quiet your mind.

There are so many great reasons to go on a yoga retreat, these are just a few!

To join the next YogaBuds Mini Yoga Retreat in Norwich, click here. We would love to see you there.