How to keep your New Years fitness resolutions with Personal Trainer, Claire Gurney

If you are one of the many people who makes fitness resolutions every New Year, only to fall at the very first hurdle (well, there is that Christmas cheese to finish off and it would be a shame to waste it…?!) our personal trainer and pilates instructor, Claire Gurney, has some great advice to keep you on the right track.

The new year can be a perfect time to start a new fitness regime.  Now that Christmas is over and the days become longer and brighter, many of us resolve to start a new sport or exercise.  The new year is a fresh start and its true that if you put in the hard work now, you will notice the results by spring, as your fitness and body shape start to improve.

Top tips for fitness resolutions

Here are my top tips to make sure you stick to your New Years resolutions and make lasting changes to your health, so that when February comes you haven’t given up the nightly jog in favour of the sofa and TV.

Fitness ResolutionsChose something you will enjoy: this almost goes without saying.  How many people do you know who have taken out gym memberships in January and are still paying for them in March, even though they don’t go anymore?!  Avoid spending your time (and money) on something you won’t enjoy; if you hate the gym try swimming, walking or even rock climbing.  Chose something you will look forward to doing every week and have fun whilst you work out.

Get a friend to join in: take up a  dance class with a friend, go walking or jogging together.  Chances are you will stick to your exercise routine because you won’t want to let the other person down.  It will make the task more enjoyable too and give you somebody to cheer you on when it gets tough.

Track your progress: it can be hard to see results if we only use the scales or mirror to track our progress.  Track the changes that happen more quickly and you will see how well you are doing.  Record changes in your running or walking time by using an app on your phone, push yourself each week to walk faster or further.  Simply recording how many times you went to the gym each week, or how great you felt after a Zumba class, can help you to stay motivated too.  You can then look back on your accomplishments at the end of the week, and celebrate the fact that you did something good for yourself, and didn’t stay at home instead.

Have faith in yourself: cheer yourself on with positive self-talk and reminders on your phone, ipad or diary.  A negative mindset won’t help you to stick to your resolutions;  believing that you can get through your weekly workouts and improve your fitness will make sure you see and feel the good results you deserve by the spring.

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