Fertility hypnosis and growing carrots

Fertility, hypnosis and growing carrots may not appear to have much in common but, in her latest blog post, HypnoFertility and HypnoBirthing teacher Kerry Dolan, makes the connection…..

A growing obsession…

I have a growing (excuse the pun) obsession with gardening.  I’m sure it’s a symptom of middle age as the gardening magazine I read sports advertisements for ‘comfortable’ trousers with elasticated waists that come in a range of colours, including at least four shades of beige!

HypnoFertility at the Orange GroveSo today, while pondering my carrots and the rest of my root vegetable crop, which have not done very well this year, it occurred to me that the soil in which they’d grown was too rich.

Root vegetables (unlike most things we grow) do not do well in very rich soil because, if they have all the nutrients they need, they do not put their efforts into building up roots to forage deeper and wider in search of sustenance.  Instead, they concentrate on producing fabulous foliage and flowers so that they can set seed and reproduce.

We need more than nutrients… The link with fertility hypnosis

Humans are more complex than carrots; we need far more than nutrition to thrive.  We require a balance of: health; career or job; friends and family; hobbies, interests and fun; relationships; personal space and spirituality. These are the ‘nutrients’ we need in order to send up beautiful flowers and foliage and to reproduce.

As human beings, not just humans who want to have babies, we need to send our ‘roots’ out to find a balance of ‘nutrients’ to feed our minds, bodies and souls. When we do this, we become ‘fertile’ in all aspects of our lives.

HypnoFertility at the Orange Grove ClinicHypnosis for fertility takes prospective parents on a journey of self-discovery, teaching a range of practical techniques to manage stress and address the balance of their lives to make small but effective changes.  Hypnosis is used to generate an altered state of consciousness in which the unconscious mind is more available to respond to these changes.

So, in short, if you are growing carrots, sow them in light soil, but to grow anything else, including babies, we need to sow them in a soil that is as rich and varied as we can get.

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