Fat Dissolving Injections

DesoBody® and DesoFace® Fat Dissolve Injections (Intralipotherapy) are the newest, second generation of fat dissolving treatments.  The injections contain deoxycholic acid; a bile salt produced by the gallbladder, which is used to break down the fats that we eat.

When injected locally into adipose tissue (fat), DesoBody® and DesoFace® dissolves the outer membrane of the fat cells, thus no longer providing a structure for the injected fat cells, which then dissolve and are safely and naturally excreted from the body over 3 – 6 weeks.


Price Guide.

All Aesthetic treatments will be charged a £50 none refundable deposit on booking and the remainder of the balance is due after treatment.

Face – £250


Body – £350

The Orange Grove:

We are proud to have some of the most highly trained and experienced therapists, here at The Orange Grove. This makes us one of the most reputable Well-being centres in the region.


We are based in the heart of Wymondham, where we provide a bespoke and professional service, catering to all of your holistic needs. Our Orange Grove Angels craft their treatments specifically for you- and we adapt to how you’re feeling on the day of your appointment.

Fat Dissolving Injections


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