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Fabulous Facial

90 Minutes £62


45 minute Mini Facial £35

(The mini facial does not include the wonder lift massage)


Enjoy a super indulgent facial here at The Orange Grove. We use the multi award winning, fabulous Tropic product range coupled with the amazing wonder lift facial massage to give you the ultimate in facial rejuvenation.


All Tropic products are free from toxic and harmful chemicals, and are made using predominantly natural ingredients such as plants, fruits and flowers which work in harmony to feed, protect and nourish the skin which means they not only feel amazing but smell divine too.


Combined with innovative wonder lift facial massage techniques, which use a blend of Indian face massage, Japanese facial massage and facial acupressure to give you a non-surgical solution to reducing the signs of ageing, this is the perfect, natural facial treatment.


Our facials are tailored to your individual skin type and begin using Tropics luxuriously creamy ‘smoothing cleanser’ to effortlessly melt away make up and impurities.

Your face is then given a soft buff using ‘face smooth’ a brightening polish used to exfoliate your skin leaving it instantly smoother and brighter.

Next, lay back close your eyes and drift away while you enjoy a relaxing facial massage using one of Tropics super nourishing facial oils.

Continue to relax while a mask is selected and applied, chosen specifically to suit your individual skin type. While the mask works it magic enjoy a hand massage to maximise your relaxation experience.

Once your mask has been removed a spritz of Tropics vitamin toner will be used all over the face, helping to refresh, soothe and balance the skin’s ph.

One of the amazing serums will then be gently pressed into the skin followed by one of the luscious smelling moisturisers, all leaving your skin feeling pampered, nourished and glowing with radiance.


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Note: Unfortunately, the 90 minute Fabulous Facial is not suitable for individuals that are pregnant.

If you suffer from any allergies please contact us prior to booking an appointment.

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