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Meet Our Orange Grove Founder, Jackie Heffer-Cooke

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Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Orange Grove Founder – Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Jackie Heffer-Cooke has worked in health and wellbeing for 12 years, specialising in Yoga, Retreats, Massage and Birthing Education

Pregnancy and Ante-Natal Educator

Jackie is founder of the Orange Grove Baby Centre, pregnancy and birth educator, hypnobirthing instructor, pregnancy, post-natal, baby and children’s yoga teacher and specialised pregnancy massage therapist. Director of ZenMuma and ZenKids Teacher Training School, Jackie is now a trainer of practitioners in specialised yoga and hypnobirthing across the UK and internationally too. She is also the chair of the ‘Midwifery Voices Partnership’ at the Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital.

Jackie teaches ante-natal classes in the form of the innovative SIMPLE Hypnobirthing method, and leads the popular ‘Birthing Too Kit Workshop‘. She also guides individuals who need specialised advice in Induction, transverse, c-section or have ‘birthing anxiety‘.

Massage Senior

Jackie is a senior bodywork massage therapist specialising in Theraputic and Holistic massage, and works with individuals who need specific treament for chronic body pain, stress, or anxiety. She is keen to encourage and give advice on self-care so her 90-minute treatment packages come with full consultation and an after-treatment advice plan, whether it is for physical health or mental fitness.

She also works intuitively and offers a deluxe 90-minute massage ideal as a gift, or as a total self-care treatment, where she uses specifically blended aromatherapy oils to massage from the tips of the toes to the very top of the head. The ‘Blissed Out’ massage comes with a cup of heabal tea in our relaxation chair before you move into the rest of your day feeling peaceful and calm.

Jackie is also a master in pregnancy massage, working into painful pelvises, or sad backs, and can massage for natural induction and spinning transverse babies.

Yoga Retreats and Private Appointments

Jackie has been teaching specialised yoga for over 10 years, and you can book an appointment for a specific individual yoga plan, tailored to your needs by Jackie.

Over the past 5 years Jackie has been building a yoga retreat portfolio and runs retreats in Norfolk, Suffolk, Sardinia, Morocco and Thailand. They are tailored to themes ‘Mother and Daughter’, ‘Yoga Holidays’, ‘Meditation and Mindfulness’ and run from a day to a week long.

Jackie has even been asked to host or guest appear at ‘ZenHen’ weekend and parties!

Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

A happy, healthy team is a productive team, and as a former executive producer for ITV, and a Senior Producer for the BBC, Channel 4 and others, Jackie understands completly what it means to live ‘with stress’. Stress and adranaline at best can drive us forward, excite us and encourage new ideas, at worst it can cause the body to break-down as all the bodies systems start to get over-worked and break-down, leading to issues with IBS, migraines, insomnia, muscle tension, continous coughs and colds, repetative strain injuries, tinnitus and more.

Jackie and her team can come into your offices to provide massage, yoga, mindfulness or stress-management coaching. So far The Orange Grove Clinic has worked with such companies as John Lewis, Waitrose, BBC East, Flagship, TRO amongst others.

For all your health and wellbeing needs, get in touch with us today 07813 069529, [email protected] or [email protected]

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