Do you want to birth easily? Find out how..

Do you want to birth easily? Found out how with Birth Preparation expert, Jackie Heffer-Cooke

Last month I am so happy to have taught at my first Hypnobirthing luxury retreat in North Norfolk at the beautiful and tranquil Grove Hotel. The couples have been gushing with their praise of the experience, and I have been too. How special to be able to really submerse yourself in your coming birth and baby and have a couple of days together to really enjoy the experience of focusing on your new little bundle to be.

Any kind of preparation for birth is a wise thing to do. When we feel knowledgeable and confident, we feel calm. And Hypnobirthing is calm and confident birthing. Most of us – including me first time around 13 years ago – are so unsure of what to expect we decide to just wait and see what happens, but it’s more difficult than you think to stay calm and relax into birth when you don’t know what’s coming, what to expect and what to do to help yourself. So, a good preparation for birth class is a really good thing to do. If you feel prepared, like you understand the processes and know what your body is doing and why – it can really help the mind to stay focused on calm control and birth your baby simply and relatively easily. This was my experience second time around when I was Hypnobirthing – hand on heart I would say learn some techniques to help yourself and get some birthing tools!


Hypnobirthing, is all about putting the body and mind into a really ‘good place’ using many different tools from education for childbirth, deep relaxation exercises and breathing techniques to help combat pain. We also teach you active birth techniques and loads of tools for birth partners too, so they can really help you birth your baby and stay in calm control. It’s all about positive thinking and recognising the body’s natural ability to birth, rather than walking in thinking ‘I can’t do this!’. When you feel anxious or fearful in labour the body releases stress hormones to cope with ‘The Problem’ – these stress hormones over-ride the body’s natural pain killer which is called Endorphin – and therefore birth can feel more painful and challenging then it actually needs to be.

Our Orange Grove Hypnobirthing is based on the original and best method, the internationally recognised course, which is the Marie Mongan HypnoBirthing, Birth classesthis is the training school I trained with. The Hypnobirthing programme I teach has been tried and tested on hundreds of successful Norwich Hypnobirthing parents and millions more around the world, and I am super proud of our reputation both in Norwich amongst couples whom have attended our courses and the midwives at the Norwich and Norfolk Hospital who often recommend us.

If you can afford the time and money to do hypnobirthing do it, I promise you won’t regret it. Quite simply it is better, easier, calmer birthing for you, your partner, and your baby.

The Birthing Tool Kit

The Birthing Tool Kit is cool, if I do say so myself. I have taken the ‘best bits’, the ‘yummiest techniques’, the ‘most effective moments’ from all of my experience over the last 9 years of teaching birthing and I have created four hours of essential hints, tips and tricks, including: birth breathing, massage for labour, active birth movements – and very importantly – I will teach your partner how to be the BEST birth partner too!  Its super important to get your birth partner involved in your birth, it is his experience too after all, and if he is going to be present make him feel empowered, confident, useful, and thoroughly prepared for the whole day so the three of you can have a day you remember for all the right reasons. A fabulous way to start your life together as parents.


At the moment we have a very special offer The YogaBumps Bundle! This bundle includes discounts in yoga, Hypnobirthing, The Birthing Tool Kit, massage at The Orange Grove Clinic and YogaBubs baby. We also have a Hypnobirthing course coming up at the beginning of June, over two Saturdays,  and a Birthing Tool Kit in June also. . If you wouold like one-on-one consultation it is sometimes possible. It is also possible to arrange a luxury retreat, so simply ask and we will see what we can do 😊