Look after your ‘Decembeard’ with essential oils

Short Cropped BeardDid you know that essential oils can be used to condition your Decembeard?  When growing a new beard it takes six weeks or so for it to reach a good length and, during this time, problems can be caused by in-growing hairs and excess sebum.  However, with just a little bit of care and attention any beardy man can be well-groomed, with gorgeous and glossy facial fur!

great beard conditioner is a combination of Rosemary, Cypress, Lemon and Thyme blended in to a vegetable (carrier) oil.  Try 5 drops of each of the four essential oils, blended into 20ml of sweet almond and 10ml of jojoba oils (don’t use the essential oils neat on the skin).

Whilst your beard is growing apply the conditioning blend to the area once a day, massage in well then wipe away any excess.  And, once your beard has grown, you can still use the oil as a conditioning treatment, massaging it well in to the beard and skin before bathing, and washing it away afterwards with boiled cooled water.

Give it a try – you’ll love the results!

Mariano without beardOur Reception Manager, Mariano, is joining in the fundraising fun and growing himself a Decembeard!  We’ll keep you updated with his progress but here he is at the beginning of December with his face fur free!  To help us raise money for Bowel Cancer UK and support Mariano’s Decembeard, please go to our JustGiving page by clicking here.

And, during December we are offering £10 off a Super Seasonal Aromatherapy Massage with Sam Quinton or Vicki Taylor.  So why not give yourself an extra special treat as a reward for all that charitable beard growing!

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