Clinical and Deep Tissue Massage Treatments

Our team of massage therapists are some of the highest qualified and most experienced in the region.  If you’re looking for clinical and deep tissue massage, we have a range of treatments to suit you.  Whether you’re suffering from aches and pains, have a specific injury or wish to find the right therapist to support your training or help with recovery, our team are on hand to support your individual needs.  Our Clinical Massages are with our specialists and are not carried out by our Massage Angels (see our Relaxation Massage Options).  To book your first appointment, please call our clinic today on , or you can contact us here.

Deep Tissue Massage

1 hour £45, 90 minutes £65, 45 minutes £40Sports massage The Orange Grove Clinic

An invigorating, deeper massage ideal for relieving underlying muscular aches and pains, caused by repetitive strain at work, postural issues, muscle spasms, old injuries, or just general tight areas. The therapist will use muscle relaxing oils and apply pressure tailored to your desired outcome – leaving you feeling released and restored.

Clinical Sports Massage

1 hour £55, 90 minutes £75

This is intelligent massage. Our expertly trained therapist, with not just certification, but a degree in clinical massage, knows exactly how to get to the most important issue when it comes to the body. Pain. Through a clinical consultation she will get to the root of the problem, and then work with you to fix it.

Ideal pre or post sports events, or during training to help enhance performance, this bespoke massage treatment may help to stimulate aching or tired muscles, smooth out any knots or areas of tension and focus on any specific areas of muscle strain or injury.  You can find out more about sports massage here.


Booking your appointment

To book any of our Heavenly Stress Relieving Massage Treatments, please call our reception team today on or you can email us [email protected]  Or go to our contact page

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