How to get through Christmas on a restricted diet

If you’re following a restricted diet, you may be wondering how on earth you’ll manage over the Christmas period.  Catherine Jeans, our Nutritional Therapist and the Family Nutrition Expert, has some great advice for avoiding too much temptation and maintaining a healthy balance over the festive season.  

If you’re worried about giving in to temptation over the festive season, pick one or two days where you eat pretty much whatever you want.  This tends to work better than trying to restrict yourself and “be good” all the time… only to fall off the wagon with a big bump!  Also eat mindfully… really enjoy something indulgent rather than hiding away and eating it with feelings of guilt.  I also encourage people to avoid eating sweet stuff when you are hungry, otherwise your sugar cravings may get out of control (by the way I’m doing a 30 day sugar detox programme in January – this could be good for all those of you with a sweet tooth!)

Here are my 3 top tips to enjoying the festivities when on a restricted diet…

1. Christmas on a restricted diet The Orange Grove Clinic You need to continue being careful if you have food allergies or intolerances, so invest a little in yummy alternatives to make you feel special. I’ve just found Ombar raw cocoa chocolate – I know £2 for a small bar is hefty, but it is so rich you only need a little, plus it’s gluten and dairy free, rich in coconut and vanilla. Yum!  I also love Goodness Direct, which has a great resource for yummy free-from treats.

2.  If you’re staying with family and friends, do pack yourself a treat you know you can enjoy. There’s nothing worse than seeing everyone else indulge and you’re not able. Don’t worry that your loved ones will take offence…there’s no point making yourself ill just because you don’t want to offend. 

3.  Advice on alcohol – You may have been abstaining from alcohol for a while, or really cutting down, especially for all of you with leaky gut or autoimmune conditions. If you fancy a glass at Christmas, make sure you don’t drink on an empty stomach, have a glass of water for every alcoholic drink and choose drinks you may be less likely to react to. Eg if you are sensitive to histamine, choose gin or vodka with soda, sparkling water and some fresh lime to make a long drink. This also tends to suit those with intolerances to wheat and sugar

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