Celebs who do yoga… some surprises here!

10 Celebs who do yoga

YogaBuds is a yoga class in Norwich suitable for all.  Our teacher Jackie Heffer-Cooke reveals ten celebrities who enjoy the ‘yoga vibe’ and hear what they have to say about it. It may not be who you think… (oh and don’t forget if you want to try yoga, our retreat on the 8th October is the perfect opportunity!)

  1. Julianne Moore. We LOVE Julianne Moore. Her Ashtanga asanas are as good as her film credentials we bet.
  2. Russell Brand. With his interesting style and intriguing spirit, Russell Brand was quoted as saying “I’m dedicating myself to all kinds of interesting things right now, you know. Transcendental meditation, Kundalini yoga, these things are right good for the old spirit”
  3. Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s yoga teacher is encouraging Gaga to be kind to herself. “Try every day to have 15 minutes of compassionate thoughts by yourself”. Good advice we say!
  4. Ricky Martin. He told People magazine “I just ask people, ‘can I have 20 minutes to myself so I can just breathe?’”. If only we would all find just 20 minutes, pretty sure the day-to-day world would be a happier place J
  5. Jon Bon Jovi. He told Men’s’ Health that he is a ”21st century man” with yoga being his workout of choice. Wouldn’t mind being in a class with Jovi…
  6. Lily Allen. Apparently she likes a bit of Bikram.
  7. Uma Thurman. The cool actress stunned onlookers when she did her 20 minute yoga practise in the aisles of an aeroplane. I’ve often wanted to do that, but not sure I’d get away with it like Ms Thurman?…
  8. Jenson Button. Maybe it’s a way he gets to catch his breath and slow down!
  9. Ryan Giggs. “Yoga can help you stay forever young”, says Giggs. He’s not doing bad for a ‘middle aged footballer’ now is he.
  10. Liam Gallagher. The Mirror reported Liam had taken up yoga to help him get over his divorce. Well it is a good way to “Go Let It Out”

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