Celebrating our Super-Dads

So this weekend is Father’s Day, time to show appreciation for our own dads, our children’s daddies and the wonderful things they do for us to make us feel loved, cared for and safe. Our Marketing Marvel, Sarah Maginn talks about the dads in her life.

Father's Day CompetitionA daddy’s job is an important one. From birth they naturally take on the role of protector and I have to say the dads in my life do a pretty damn good job. My own dad is a man of few words and when I call home it’s guaranteed that if he answers the phone, the first thing he says is: ‘I’ll get your mum’. Why is that? It does make me laugh because the majority of my friends would say the same of their fathers. But when he’s needed he’s the first to text me and the first to wrap his arms round me and give me a big cuddle.

Fathers Day CompetitionI suffered quite badly with post-natal depression with both my boys, and when I finally came to terms with it and admitted I needed help, my wonderful dad sent me a special card in the post. It wasn’t just a card he’d found in a shop, it was one which I’d actually sent to him nearly 20 years ago when he was going through a hard time losing his business. It was an illustration of a man walking in the rain under a big cloud heading in the direction of the shining sun with the words ‘You can’t see it now… but it’s there’. My lovely Dad had kept it all this time. It had been on his wall at work… and now it’s on mine. A little reminder that things always get better and that no matter what, my dad, the man of few words, knows just the right ones to say!

Dad number two in my life is my husband Ellis, the father of my two rather energetic boys. Freddie 5 and Flynn who’s nearly 3. Any other mum reading this with children at these ages (or those who have been traumatised by it and remember), will know that especially at these ages, they’re a handful. My hubby has found me many a time in tears because they’ve been acting up and being little monkeys. They are two amazing boys and make me smile every day, but sometimes my frown is much more permanent than my smile. I’m super lucky to say that Ellis comes to my rescue on many occasions. I know it’s also his job, but he’s definitely a very hands-on dad who is always trying his hardest to entertain them, especially when they need to use up the last of their daily energy supply! Ellis is actually currently at School with Freddie as I type, at a special father and son activity morning. Needless to say Freddie was very excited to have Daddy attending school with him.

So these are the Super-Dads in my life. Two great men who I am very proud of.


Father’s Day Competition

Show us and tell us about your amazing dad! The Orange Grove Clinic is currently running a Father’s Day Competition to win a Massage for the Super-Dad in your life! All you need to do is visit our Facebook post here and add a photo in the comments of either your dad or your children’s Dad. We’ll be announcing the winner Next Week!

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