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What is Mouse Shoulder?

Mouse shoulder is a modern term which refers to a specific collection of neck and shoulder symptoms and pain. It is recognisable as being specific to people who use computers for long periods of time. How can massage help those who suffer with mouse shoulder? It is often experienced as a ‘burning’ or ‘deep aching’

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What is a Holistic Massage?

What is a Holistic Massage? Norwich’s Orange Grove Founder and Senior Massage Therapist Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains all… Holism defined, is the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and explicable only by reference to the whole. Therefore, a Holistic Massage is characterised by the belief that the body needs to be treated as a

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The Orange Grove Clinic is Moving to Wymondham

We Are Moving! A New Home for Massage in Wymondham   “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are” This year I celebrate my ten years of becoming a health and wellbeing practitioner. In those ten years my life has changed and shifted and

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