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Have yourself a very myrrh-y Christmas with some seasonal aromatherapy tips to try at home

Oils well for an essential Christmas with our Super Seasonal Aromatherapy Massage, available during December with £10 off, making it just £30 for one hour. But Aromatherapy isn’t just great for a massage.  During the festive season why not add that extra Christmassy feel to your home with some essential oils?  Pine, cedar wood, mandarin, clove and cinnamon are all

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Look after your ‘Decembeard’ with essential oils

Did you know that essential oils can be used to condition your Decembeard?  When growing a new beard it takes six weeks or so for it to reach a good length and, during this time, problems can be caused by in-growing hairs and excess sebum.  However, with just a little bit of care and attention any beardy man can be well-groomed, with gorgeous

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What is Herbalism? And How to Use the Herbs in Your Garden

In this practical and informative blog post, discover what is herbalism and how to use the herbs in your garden, with Norwich medical herbalist Alex Hobbs. Many people ask What is Herbalism?  Most simply it is the use of whole plant extracts to restore health and wellbeing, with the active constituents from the plants applied to

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Homeopathy Remedies: Alternatives to Paracetamol and Calpol this Winter for You and Your Kids

Homeopathy Remedies can be a natural method to help support your family’s immune system this winter, even providing a natural alternative to paracetamol.  Perhaps you’re a parent looking for an alternative to paracetamol for your children’s winter bugs, being worried by the research reports suggesting a link between paracetamol and asthma. (1)  If you’re searching

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