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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Good nutrition before and during pregnancy are vital to support your own health, as well as the health of your growing baby.  Are you getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you and your baby need for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and beyond?  Our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans can show you how to make simple

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Why Choose a Sugar Free Diet?

Sarah Maginn asks our Nutritional Expert Catherine Jeans about the concerns behind refined sugars and why we should be opting for a Sugar Free Diet? I’ve always considered myself a pretty healthy individual. I eat my 5 a day, cook from scratch, limit my alcohol intake (well to the weekends), I take regular exercise and

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Is my baby getting enough Vitamin D?

Recent research has shown that Breast fed babies might need extra vitamin D in their diets. Sarah Maginn asks our Nutrition expert Catherine Jeans for some advice on what to do to ensure your baby is getting enough vitamin D …      We all hear (especially from our health visitors) that ‘Breast is Best’ as it

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