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Yoga for Teens and Why It’s So Important

5 Reasons Why Yoga is Great for Teens Plenty of adults know the benefits of yoga. From helping relieve stress to providing a space to be mindful and reflect. Yoga can help provide some calm in our busy lives. But, what about yoga for teens? In the midst of exams, studying and homework, teens need yoga

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Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 Month Old Babies

Here are some reasons why you should be coming to Norwich’s premier classes designed for older babies, ActiveYogaBubs. Self confessed ‘baby geek’ Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains why getting out of the house (and away from the washing) isn’t just good for you, it is super good for baby too! Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 month old babies at

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How to make a Super Salad

Expert nutritionist, Catherine Jeans, shares her take on how to make the best super salad! Learn how to make salads that are optimum for your health and nutrition, inspired by her husband’s recipes!   So here are her top tips on how to make a super salad…   1. Use a variety of different greens, especially dark green leafy

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Children’s Nutrition Tips

  Did you know that what your children eat, right from their first few months of life, will actually determine the state of their health and the way they eat as adults? Expert Nutritional Therapist, Catherine Jeans, shares her top children’s nutrition tips on how to keep your children healthy, without it costing you too much

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Explaining acts of Terror to our kids

The events and images from what has happened – and is happening – this month, filter into all of us. For us adults we may feel many emotions, from great sadness, to distress, to anger and even fear. As the ‘grown-ups’ we have some tools in which to help us, if not to understand, to

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Nutrition During Pregnancy

Good nutrition before and during pregnancy are vital to support your own health, as well as the health of your growing baby.  Are you getting all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you and your baby need for a healthy pregnancy, delivery and beyond?  Our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans can show you how to make simple

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