Broga! Why men should do yoga…

Norwich’s yoga teacher and Orange Grove Founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke talks sport-yoga and reveals all about the new wave of yoga hitting the states – BROGA – and why more men should be doing yoga!

It was last year that I first heard the term Broga coined and I saw the amazing video of two (ahem fairly attractive) bearded men in kilts doing the most fantastic yoga – if you missed out take a look – it’s worth a view… Men in kilts doing yoga!

Also, that year I met the deeply inspiring Sarah Ramsden. Sarah is a sports yoga teacher and trainer and has an impressive list of students, including 3 premiership football teams. Her prize student is none other than the self-confessed ‘out and proud yogi’ Ryan Giggs. We had a long conversation about why yoga was so great for footballers; strength, power, connection, and focus, were words used.

And the message is catching on. It was reported that Gareth Southgate has introduced yoga to the calm, collected, and connected, super successful young England squad. Now if that’s not a yoga sell I don’t know what is!

Yoga is great for physical and mental fitness

To those of us who do yoga it is no surprise that yoga is becoming part of mainstream fitness. Yoga has been around for a few thousand years and in India it is not just women who practise, it’s a normal daily occurrence for the men too. In the UK, we just seem to be a little behind in catching on to it’s great benefits for the boys!

But yoga is not just good for physical fitness, it is great for your all-round health, mental fitness too.

I will confess to you, one of the reasons for launching our beginners ‘Drop and Give Me Zen’ yoga class on a Thursday night from September is because I want my husband to start a yoga practise, and he seems keen! We have tried with me teaching him, but for whatever reason it doesn’t quite work, (I think I feel a little, well, bashful?) so I have hand-picked the right woman for the job, Tess Bickerstaff. Tess is warm, welcoming, charismatic, unafraid, and fun. A keen sportswoman herself, (motor-cycling and paddle boarding to name a couple) Tess is a brilliant and friendly yoga teacher, the right woman for the job to get the men in the room on board with yoga and hooked to its benefits!

Come and join our new Broga class!

So, come and join us. If you are an Orange Grove or ZenMuma or ZenYogi regular NOW is the time to sow the seeds of encouragement to get your partners, sons, dads, brothers, and buddies to get a little Broga on. Don’t be shy, everyone will be in the same boat, awkward, doubtful, maybe a little shy on session one, but I promise you, Tess will soon have you throwing the moves, and loving the yoga grooves before you know it…

Book our Broga friendly class here.. we hope to see you there!