Birth Stories: Hannah & Scarlett

We LOVE sharing real-life birth stories from our Orange Grove Clinic and YogaBumps mummies. Many congratulations to Hannah on the safe arrival of her beautiful baby daughter, Scarlett.

“It was the most empowering and amazing experience to date and I am sure that the weeks of yoga made a huge difference to my physical and mental state.”


Hi Jackie,

I would like to announce the safe arrival of our daughter, Scarlett Paige Hopkins, born on 06.04.16 at 13.31.

So our birth story began on Tuesday 5th in the evening. I was getting tightenings in my tummy and mild cramping. I didn’t think too much of it as they weren’t painful although quite regular. I continued to have these tightenings throughout the night until I woke around 5am to nothing. At 11 days ‘over’ and with induction looming, I was pretty gutted to say the least. I bounced on my ball for a bit and went back to bed.

At 07.15 I woke to what was my waters breaking (strange sensation) with that I began having quite intense surges- this is where all the yoga and breathing techniques came into their own. My labour progressed quite quickly and by 10am I was feeling like I needed to be in hospital.

We arrived at MLBU around 11am (ish) after an uncomfortable car journey- my TENS machine was on boost the whole way. I was examined pretty much straight away and was 6cm dilated. I shaked my pear tree and stood over the bed for the next hour whilst they were getting the pool room ready for us, our midwife called it the labour dance. 

I got into the pool around 12-12.30 and our daughter made her arrival into the world at 13.31. I found that being on all fours was the most comfortable position for me and I stayed in this position until she was born.

My husband had the job of holding the gas so I was able to grip onto the handles in the pool with both hands. I think he was very grateful I wasn’t gripping onto him!


For me it was the most empowering and amazing experience to date and I am sure that the weeks of yoga made a huge difference to my physical and mental state. With the breathing techniques we learnt- mainly golden thread for me, combined with shaking the pear tree and lots of ‘mooing’ I was able to totally switch off to everything but the job in hand. I listened to the yoga music from class in the car (download and listen when relaxing at home ladies- it really helps to then zone out when in labour) but didn’t have much time for anything else I had planned. 

Scarlett is now 13 days old and doing really well. Being a mummy really is the best job in the world. 

Thank you so much Jackie- yoga really was a huge part of my pregnancy and something that I would love to continue- I will definitely be recommending YogaBumps to pregnant friends.

Can’t wait to see some of you at YogaBubs in a few weeks once we’re a little more settled. 

Good luck ladies and if I can give one piece of advice, it’s to enjoy the whole process and go with it. Our bodies really are amazing and instinctively we know what we’re doing. 

Lots of love, 

Hannah and Scarlett xx

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