Summer Exercise for a Bikini Body

This week Norwich’s yoga class – ‘YogaBuds’ – led by Jackie Heffer-Cooke, is stepping into its new Summer practise. The emphasis is on core strength and Bikini Body exercise – empowering you with your core strength to enjoy your inner energy and love the body you are in!  

Yoga positions for a Summer ready Bikini Body


Bikini body exercise this summerIt’s June! This month’s practise is called ‘YogaBuds Bikini Body Practise’. Don’t worry, I haven’t gone vanity mad, I’m not serious about perfect abs and pert bottoms! That’s not really in the zone of yoga and it’s certainly not in the zone of me. But, I am a very seasonal woman, and when it comes to this time of year I am feeling energetic, fitter, up for the-great-outdoors, and therefore ready for a more ‘hard-core’ body workout, so I feel ‘up for summer’.

This time of year is LUSH. We want to strip off our clothes, and run around on a beach, or around a pool with our bare flesh feeling the warmth of the sun! and ‘wobbly bits and all’ we should feel confident and happy in our own beautiful skin. After all, this body is the only one we have, it does a pretty amazing job, so we might as well love it…

Strengthen your Apana – give yourself the energy to wear your body with pride this summer!

Working with core strength develops deep core awareness – strengthening your Apana, the inner energy – strength building and empowering, giving you the inner energy to wear your body with pride this summer!

We are going to be working with the DEEP Abs…

Yes the DEEP abs, not just superficial ones. Just like we love the DEEP idea of loving your body in all its shapes and sizes – not just the superficial idea of what media tells us the perfect bikini body should look like!

Vinyasa Core Flow

So, having the energy to love your body and all its nuances is a wonderful idea, and core exercise will give you the energy to do just that. But not endless boring crunches no, not for us. This month we are practising vinyasa core flow. We are integrating summer sounding postures like boat, and crane. And we will do it with the energy of summer; warmth, compassion, and joy.

This Month Special Bikini Body Offer

This month, to encourage you to come and join the fun, we have £15 off 6 classes for all new starters. My classes are perfect for all levels of yoga as I can help you with adaptations and I LOVE a beginner – it’s a joy to help guide you through.

So get in touch and book now. You will find us a friendly class, you will enjoy the flow of the movement, and well, you may just tone up a little for that bikini too!

Yoga Weekend with MeditationMeditation

Our pranayama and meditation is focused on reverse breathing, circular breathing and cultivating energy for ourselves and others.

A Practise Taster…

Here is a taste of our practise for you to try at home if you like, but to really get into the groove of this month’s practise join us in a YogaBuds class and practise at home once you have found you flow…

Remember don’t do any postures that cause you any pain, and it is always best to talk to a teacher before you practise.

Best Pose – Reverse Breathing

Lie on floor on back as if setting up for bridge pose.

Exhale lift knees towards chest. Inhale take knees away – exhale towards – try not to let back off floor. Inhale knees away, exhale hug knees in. lift pelvic floor between pubic bone and belly – keep going inhale and exhale – exhale scoop lower belly, inhale stretch toes away…

Inhale legs straight up, exhale knees back in, inhale legs out 60%, exhale legs in. Keep going, lower legs little more, rhythm, add arms inhale – arms out to side too. Inhale stretch and open, exhale nose up between knees, exhale hold breath out for 3. Keep going. Inhale stretch out, exhale hug knees and nose in, arms to side.

Relax – feel the heat in the belly.


Bikini Body Exercise

Half Boat Position

Roll to right and come on up.

Cow- cat

Moving Tiger – Stretch right leg back, exhale knee to nose. Inhale stretch up, exhale hold breath out for 3,

DFD – long spine, main purpose of DFD. Bend knees? Slowly straighten legs, heels to ground.

Step to top of mat – forward fold

Flat back


Rise Up

Exhale hands to heart

Lift pelvic floor – inhale flattens and exhale draws up

Rise up

Exhale fold – Inhale half way – exhale to plank

Plank – knees down if needed

Sternum forward, shoulder blades back, body long.

Roll on toes forward slowly down

Cobra, lower, cobra, lower, cobra, lower


Lift lower belly as exhale and releasing as inhale

Step to top of mat – forward bend

Flat back


Rise up

Exhale hands to heart

Come to Squat – Blocks or cushion under heels. Press knees out with arms, hug legs into knees. Big ball of energy in belly as inhale, exhale take it up to crown of head. Inhale back to belly. Inhale back up to crown of head. Scoop pelvic floor. Circular breathing. Stay here or…

Bikini body yoga exercise

Crane yoga pose

Feet up onto block – lower down as much as you can. This might be it. Can you hug knees into armpits? Can you rock forwards? Float toes up? Inhale as tip forwards, exhale to crane

Use work of lower belly lift.

Sitting on bottom – feet in front.

Little Boat on way to Bridge pose.

Bridge with block in-between knees. Shoulders under – interlace fingers.

Lie on back – hug knees in.

Stack knees – lying twist… both sides.

Shavasana – focus on moving that energy around the body.


All accompanied by this month’s music playlist which will be Spanish guitar based to keep a lightness to our strong practise.


If you need help with this practise do come to a YogaBuds class. YogaBuds welcomes and suits all levels of yogis! Remember we all have to start somewhere, but bare in mind yoga comes with a health warning… once you start you won’t want to stop… and your health will improve so be warned… 🙂