Is this the best green smoothie recipe ever?!

Green smoothies…love them or hate them our Nutritional Therapist, Catherine Jeans, has some tips on making the best green smoothie ever! 

Some people love them, some people hate them BUT green smoothies are packed full with nutritious ingredients and generally low in carbs, as long as you’re watching the fruit content.  Here I’m going to tell you about the secret to a delicious green smoothie, and my favourite green smoothie recipe (which even my children will drink!). By the way, if you want to clean up your diet and do a sugar detox, then how about trying the 30 day Sugar Detox online course?  

Top 3 tips for a delicious and nutritious green smoothie

1.  Nutrition advice from the Orange GroveAdd cucumber – there’s always a danger when making green smoothies that you add too much fruit to make it palatable, and that really defeats the object as you don’t want to be loading your body with sugar, even if it is fruit sugar.  Cucumber is a great way to add vitamin C rich liquid to your smoothie, as it’s really high in water but also gives a nice subtle flavour.  I add about a third to a half per smoothie, and keep my fruit to a nice ripe pear, and no more. 

2.  Add an avocado – if you add a bit of avocado, it’s a lovely way to add creaminess and make your smoothie less fibrous and bitty.  Depending on how thick you like it, again a third to a half an avocado. 

3.  If you’re adding greens, make sure they’re organic.  I know not everyone can afford organic fruit and veg, but I always advise that if you can’t peel it, buy it organic.  Especially green leaves such as kale and spinach, which have a very high surface area for pesticides to reside.  It’s not much more to buy organic, or look into a good veggie box delivery scheme that provides organic veg (do check it’s organic – not all are – I love Riverford. 

One bonus tip – if you’re a green smoothie novice, I always reckon a few ice cubes gives it a different flavour and feel – blend them up with the smoothie.  And if you have something like a Nutri bullet or Nutri Ninja, adding some protein in the form of pumpkin seeds, flax seeds or nuts is a great idea, as this will help you feel fuller for longer, meaning you can use your smoothie as a meal replacement.  

My favourite Green Smoothie Recipe – designed with my son Lucas!

I asked my 5 year old son Lucas the other day which smoothie he’d like me to make with his class (I’m going in this week to teach them about veggies and healthy eating) and he said a cucumber one!! So this is what we designed.  

1 handful of washed organic kale
1 handful of washed organic spinach (you must wash it to get the grit out!)
1 ripe pear, cored (leave skin on)
1 inch of ginger – or more if you like it super spicy
Half a cucumber
Juice of half a lemon or lime, plus a bit of grated rind for extra antioxidants
A tablespoon of pumpkin seeds
A few ice cubes

Blend and serve, drink immediately!  This will serve 1 person.  

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