Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 Month Old Babies

Here are some reasons why you should be coming to Norwich’s premier classes designed for older babies, ActiveYogaBubs. Self confessed ‘baby geek’ Jackie Heffer-Cooke explains why getting out of the house (and away from the washing) isn’t just good for you, it is super good for baby too! Come to Baby Yoga for 8-18 month old babies at The Garage in Norwich.

Here’s why Book Baby Yoga for 8-18 month old babies …

At this age from 8-18 months old, your baby is changing, they are ‘growing up’. These next few months until they start to toddle they will focus on: method, discovery, investigation, learning to categorise and sequence – cause and effect.

They do that through mimicry – so in ActiveYogaBubs there will be a lot of ‘all eyes on you’ as they intensely watch and try to copy you in class, through repetition – we will do things several times, through language – so we will be singing using different sounds, and through the senses – so we will use props like scarfs as we go through the course.

They are also developing their own views on what they like, what they don’t like, and are learning to like independence. Sometimes quite fiercely. So, we must allow them to explore. Yoga for Active Babies, ActiveBabyYoga is a fun, understanding and safe place for them to do just that.

Have your yoga time

From 8 months babies are enjoying methods of things. They like to examine things carefully. In ActiveBabyBubs we build on the classes, rather than always doing new things each week, as they love to recongnise the movements. Babies love repetition, and frankly so do I. It’s nice to know what you are doing, that way you feel comfortable, loosen up, and get into the groove. Do things regularly, have your ‘yoga time’.

Reinforce positivity

From 8 months babies are examining things more carefully. Particularly YOU! They are discovering that they are the same kind of ‘being’ as mum, and can move in a similar way. So we play with that idea. You can mimic them; they will mimic you.Yoga for Active Babies with ActiveBabyBubs

A great thing to do is keep our faces positive… they will copy it!…

Sequences and Flow

From around 10 months they are enjoying sequences. They understand the relationship of what comes next. They are learning to categorise, now they realise that things flow after each other.

Some weeks we do lovely flow exercises, sequence, and flow. It’s reassuring and makes us feel confidence.

I am a person in my own right!

From 12 to 13 months they don’t just sequence things, they understand how to effect things. Their own programme. They understand what it means to ‘do’ something. Before they just ‘did it’, but now they know they can ‘effect’ things. They are beginning to have a lot more mental activity which can wear them out at times. They analyse things now, and they get frustrated easily! (so do we at times J !) They also realise they have feelings, and that they can FEEL these feelings in their body – not just their mind. They suddenly develop a stronger will, that they are people ‘in their own right’ and they can say “yes” or “no”. We must channel that energy, teaching them to let their feelings be heard, but also how to gently control them. Yoga is without a doubt a brilliant way to move ‘stuff’ (frustrations/ feelings/ anger/ excitement) through the body, and by teaching our children how to relax at the end of yoga and gently ‘let it go’, well that’s probably the best gift we can give them. That and a big helping of love, fun and understanding along the way – and remember, don’t just reserve love, fun and understanding for your babies – save some to give to yourself too!

Join ActiveBabyBubs, Baby Yoga for 8-18 month old babies, today for a wonderful holistic class, full of fun moves and grooves, for your little one and you! Book here…