Baby Massage and it’s benefits… by teacher, Kimberley Dawn Carpenter

Babies love massage… but why?  What is it about a gentle rub and soothing strokes that can calm most babies, and even help to relieve uncomfortable symptoms of colic or help to improve sleep?  Find out about the wonders of Baby Massage with our Norwich practitioner and teacher, Kimberley Dawn Carpenter.

What is Baby Massage?  And why do babies love it so much!

Baby massage is a wonderful therapy that  encourages loving communication, through positive physical contact, bonding and stimulating development.  The first few months after having a baby can be a challenging time for parents, and massage can help to play a vital role in supporting well-being and the bonding between parents and baby.

Baby Massage in Norwich The OGCBaby Massage:  The benefits for baby

Believe it or not, massage begins in the uterus.   As the uterine muscles contract during labour, this helps to stimulate your baby’s autonomic nervous system and kick start their internal systems, which must function independently after birth.

Following birth there is a period of great change for your baby, who is beginning a new relationship with the big wide world!

Massage using gentle oils can be soothing and comforting, helping to relieve any anxiety, as well as promoting relaxation.  This can in turn help to support sleep and babies who have regular massage can often seem calmer.  Baby massage also helps to encourage co-ordination, mobility and sensory awareness, aid digestion (great for relieving colic and/or constipation) and encourage weight gain, as massage can increase the appetite.   In fact, medical research has shown that massaging premature babies produces weight gain and increased growth and development.

Massage also helps to stimulate your baby’s circulation and immune systems, improve the appearance and texture of the skin and promote emotional security.

Baby Massage:  Benefits for Mummies and Daddies

Unfortunately, bonding is not always a natural consequence of parenthood, both for Mums and Dads.   Baby massage can help develop a deeper understanding of the importance of touch, whether or not you feel that you have instinctively bonded with your new arrival.

By taking the time to massage your baby, you are imparting important qualities such as love, respect and caring.  Massage becomes a form of loving communication, helping you become more aware and understanding of your own baby’s individual needs, deepening and strengthening the relationship between you both, encouraging a bond to form or strengthening the bond that may already exist.

By learning baby massage you will develop confidence in handling your little one and learn to trust your innate instincts.  It can also help to reduce your own stress levels, as its very relaxing to do and provides a time of mutual enjoyment for you both to share.

Baby Massage in NorwichGroup classes can be a great way to learn, as well as a great excuse to get out of the house, away from all that laundry!  Meet other parents, share experiences and make new friends.  All this while enjoying an hour of relaxed  time with your little one.

Private tuition can be really useful to learn a specific set of skills to suit your baby’s needs.  One session may be all you need to gain some useful skills to combat any problems, and very often parents come together to these private classes to learn  baby massage techniques together.

Testimonials from some happy massaging Mums:

“Very enjoyable and beneficial. Would recommend to others” – Rowena Breese

“The sessions were brilliant, very relaxing for me and Dexter. I felt like I was learning something beneficial for him. He was very relaxed and happy.  I wish the course was continuing”  – Roberta Woodyatt

“She was very relaxed during and after each session. Lovely class, lovely teacher. Very glad we did this :0)” – Anna Blagrove

“She loves it as part of her evening routine and I really enjoy doing it” – Jasmine Robinson

“We both really enjoyed this course and will miss not coming, thank you” – Laura Smitherman

If you would like to book in to a group class, or to book an appointment for private Baby Massage tuition with Kimberley, please call Reception on 01603 631 900, email [email protected] or go to our contact page.

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