DiscoBubs Launches at Riverside Leisure Centre

After launching in January at The Garage, DiscoBubs has a brand new venue! As of June 7th 2017, our fabulous new baby carrier dance class will be launching at Riverside Leisure Centre, Norwich!

If you’re a new mum and haven’t already heard about DiscoBubs, it’s time you get your dancing shoes on and join us for not only some great post-natal exercise but also some lighthearted fun for you and your baby to enjoy!

Created by YogaBubs’ founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke and dance instructor Alysha Hudson, DiscoBubs is a safe, fun, baby carrier dance and exercise class for babies from approximately 8-weeks old and new mums who are fully ready for exercise after the birth of their new baby.

The classes which are led by experienced YogaBubs’ teacher and professional dance instructor Alysha have been a great success so far so it’s time to add a new venue.

It’s been great fun so far and both mum and baby really enjoy the mix of dance and exercise. Some little babies seem to be lulled to sleep feeling cosy and warm next to mummy, while others bop away to the music with feet swinging and giggles along the way,” says Alysha.

“The class starts with an easy warm-up followed by learning a dance split into several easy learning segments. These then come together towards the end of the lesson as a full routine. We learn a different one every week from a wide range of genres from street to salsa. This then leads onto exercise to music – to work for example bums and tums – then finishing with a stretch and cool down. It is fundamentally a safe post-natal exercise class dressed up in a baby wearing sling and a LOT of fun!”

The idea behind the class is simply to experience a new way to bond with baby while exercising and having a giggle too. “You don’t have to be a great dancer to join in; all routines are simple and easy to follow and matched safely to post-natal bodies,” adds Jackie, “also we don’t want anyone worrying about what they can or cannot do – if your baby needs a feed, or a change of nappy, just do it – this is a warm welcoming class, a community of mums with babies, all in the same boat. Go with the flow of how you, your body, and your baby feel today, the only thing you need to enjoy is great music and have a sense of fun. This is a perfect class for lifting any post-natal blues!”

DiscoBubs baby carrier dance classes take place on Thursdays at 11am at The Garage, Norwich and will take place Wednesdays at 12.50pm at Riverside Leisure Centre, Norwich starting from 7th June. Classes run for are an hour.

So ladies, or gentlemen (there’s no reason why dad can’t join in too) come to DiscoBubs! Get fit, have a giggle and make new friends. All you need is you, baby, a suitable carrier and your comfy dancing shoes!

To learn more about the brilliant and fun DiscoBubs’ post-natal exercise classes just click here or call Reception on 01603 631900.

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Please note: babies must be at least 8 weeks old and have some neck strength. You must be fit enough to attend class (please allow enough time after having a c-section before joining in any exercise, see your doctor if you are unsure when you will be ready). You must provide your own babywearing carrier, wrap, sling or other device and be in charge of your own child’s safety. This class is for dance instruction only, please attend your local sling meet or get a babywearing consultant for advice.