Baby and children supplements recommended by our experts

Experts Jackie Heffer-Cooke and Catherine Jeans have put together their favourite baby and children’s products, many of which are available in our online shop.  The supplements are chosen specifically by Catherine Jeans our nutritional therapist, from the hundreds of supplements available on the market, bringing you a range of high quality, natural and reliable supplements you can trust.  If you have any queries about supplementation or our range of products, please call our helpful and knowledgeable reception team on 01603 631900 or send us a message via our contact page.  Here are just a few of our favourite supplements and products, and how they might be useful for you and your growing family.

Babies and childrens supplements The OGCVitamin D Supplements for Babies and Children

We now know that over 80% of the UK population are either low or deficient in Vitamin D.  In fact, the UK Department of Health recommend that all children between 6 months and 5 years, all pregnant and breastfeeding women and all people over 65 supplement Vitamin D daily.  Our nutritional therapist believes that everyone should be supplementing vitamin D daily, as we simply do not get enough sun exposure in this country.

We have a range of vitamin D3 drops and chewable tablets, which are made by Nutri.   If you are breastfeeding, then your baby should not need additional Vitamin D until 6 months old.  However, for bottle fed babies and for toddlers and older children, a Vitamin D supplement is recommended.

For a complete Multi Vitamin and Mineral for children from 6 months old, our Nutritional Therapist recommends Biocare’s Children’s Complete This pleasant tasting powder provides all the nutrients your little one needs, in an easy to use powder form that can be added to milk, juice, water or sprinkled onto food.  It is dairy free, and free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners, with optimal levels of almost all nutrients.  As Catherine explains, “the only thing I would add to this is extra Vitamin D3, as unfortunately this product contains the less absorbable form of Vitamin D2, plus essential omega 3 fats from fish oil to support growth and brain development from one year old.”

MultiVitamins for Mum During Breastfeeding

As you did during pregnancy, it’s also vital to ensure you’re getting a broad array of vitamins and minerals whilst breastfeeding, and whilst recovering post-natally.  Obvoiusly a good diet should be your focus, but it’s also advisable to keep your nutrient levels topped up with a good quality vitamin and mineral.  In fact, research has shown that post-natal depression could be linked to nutrient deficiency, particularly zinc, therefore our nutritional therapist recommends a multi vitamin and mineral designed for pregnancy and breastfeeding that is rich in zinc.

Nutri’s Pregnancy Multi Essentials is the breastfeeding vitamin and mineral of choice for our Nutritional Therapist Catherine Jeans – this product is suitable pre-conceptually, through pregnancy and during breastfeeding.  It contains all the essential nutrients you and your baby needs, in forms that are easy for your body to absorb.  It includes the Department of Health recommended levels of Vitamin D, therefore no extra vitamin D is needed, as well as a full 25mg of Zinc.  It also contains 18mg of easily absorbed iron and higher levels of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iodine and selenium.  This all comes in just one tablet per day.  Available to purchase in our baby centre online store and in our Norwich clinic.

Babies and childrens supplements The OGCProbiotics Suitable for Children and Babies

Probiotics supply the body with beneficial bacteria, which populate in the digestive tract and support our immune systems and gut health.  We stock a range of probiotics for adults and children, including the Biokult range of powdered probiotics for babies and young children. This is designed to help restore healthy intestinal bacteria after a course of antibiotics or following a digestive upset. It can also help combat any new germs and viruses children encounter when starting or returning to preschool.

The Biokult infantis contains the child-specific strain Bifidobacterium infantis, which is the main bacteria that populates a young child’s digestive system.   It comes in one-a-day sachets, and the powder is easily dissolved in water, milk or juice, or can be added to food. Give one sachet daily with or after food.

We also stock the main Bio-Kult range of probiotic capsules, which are suitable for adults and children.  These capsules can be easily opened and poured into milk, food or juice, with half the adult dose given to children.  This is a 14 strain broad spectrum probiotic, which is ideal for breastfeeding mothers to support the health of their own digestive tract and for immune support.  Research has shown that children of mothers with allergy in their family, who take probiotics during pregnancy and breastfeeding, have a reduced risk of developing allergies themselves.

Essential Fats:  Nutri Eskimo Cubs Range

The Nutri range of Eskimo Cubs essential fatty acids for children are chosen specifically by our Nutritional Therapist for their purity, optimal doses of omega fats and balanced levels of all the omega fats.  Containing not only omega 3 fats which are vital for your child’s brain development, they also contain added omega 6, omega 9, Vitamin E and Vitamin D3.  One teaspoon per day, which can be taken directly from the spoon or added to food.  Our nutritional therapist suggests:  “why not make eskimo lollies in the summer?  Blend up some berries, with a little water, a dash of honey and some Eskimo Cubs oil… perfect for hot summer days, and you know it’s doing them some good!”  These are suitable from 12 months.

Baby and childrens supplements and products The OGCBaby Skin Care

It’s vital to consider the products you put on your baby’s skin, to ensure they are as natural as possible and don’t cause any upset or are too harsh.  We love the Goats Milk range, and currently stock soap and bodywash which is suitable for babies and the whole family to enjoy.

Nappy rash, irritated skin, sore lips and eczema

Our Nutritional Therapist sees many children and adults with eczema, and always recommends Hope’s Relief skin cream.  Made from all natural ingredients, including manuka honey, gotu kola and licorice which all support healing, this cream is ideal for those with eczema, as well as nappy rash, irritated skin, dry patches and psoriasis.  A little goes a long way, just a small amount is needed, and can be used up to three times per day.   We find this cream is great for highly sensitive individuals who seem to react to other creams and ointments.

Bouncing Baby Massage Oil

There’s no better way to show your little one how much you love them than a soothing massage.  Our bouncing baby massage oil by Motherly Love is a wonderful blend of omega rich natural oils to maintain your baby’s natural skin moisture, leaving the skin enriched.  Essential oils have not been used to allow for the sensitivity of newborn skin.  Also do consider baby massage and baby yoga and massage classes, so you can learn how to use different massage techniques to soothe your baby and calm colic, irritability and difficulty sleeping.

Nursing Tea and Baby Stomach Ease Tea

We’ve chosen these teas due to the brilliant testimonials that come with them, of mothers saying they really are great!  The Nursing tea is a herbal tea blend designed to support breast milk supply, containing herbs such as fenugreek which anecdotally has been known to support breast milk production.

Baby Stomach Ease Tea is for babies with sore tummies and colic, which Mum can either drink, or it can be given directly to baby (once cooled of course), with a herbal blend to soothe colic and trapped wind.

All of these products can be purchased in our online shop, or in our Norwich clinic store. If you have any queries about any of our products, please send us an email here, or you can pop into our clinic store to speak to our helpful team.  You will also find a wider range of items at our clinic, which include some wonderful herbal products designed by our medical herbalist, including soothing chest rubs and other tea blends.