Acupuncture for Headaches Officially Recommended by NICE The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

Acupuncture for Headaches

This years Migraine Awareness Week is running from 6th-12th September.

Did you know that Acupuncture has been recognised by NICE as being beneficial for the relief of migraines and headaches?

Our acupuncturist, Alison Courtney, has been treating people for headaches and migraines at The Orange Grove Clinic in her private practice and in the Multi-Bed Clinic, and official recognition by a national body is testament to the effectiveness of acupuncture for chronic headache sufferers.

Acupuncture For Headaches:  What do the NICE guidelines suggest?

Clinical guidelines published in September 2012 by NICE, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, for the diagnosis and management of headaches in adults and young people suggest that acupuncture be used particularly for tension-type headaches, with a course of up to 10 sessions administered over a period of from five to eight weeks, for the prevention and relief of this type of headache.

AcupuctureThis length of treatment is particularly suitable for our acupuncturist’s multi-bed clinic, where several people are treated at the same time in our acupuncture room, allowing more frequent treatment at a more affordable price.

Success Rates – “50% improvement in half of patients”

There are many reasons why people may experience chronic headaches, but one of these, ironically, may be the overuse of painkillers, with one in 50 people experiencing a headache as a result .

Improvement rates using acupuncture for headaches are reported in the NICE guidelines as a 50% improvement in their condition by half of patients, after a course of acupuncture. 

If you would like to book an appointment with our acupuncturist Alison Courtney to discuss acupuncture for headaches, migraines or any other condition, please call our Norwich Reception on , email [email protected], or go to our contact page.