A beautiful birth story from a Pregnancy Yoga mum

Sophie attended ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga throughout her pregnancy, took Jackie’s Birthing Toolkit Workshop and then brought her baby boy to ZenMuma Baby Yoga. Here is her birth experience in her words.


”At 41 weeks pregnant labour finally started.  I couldn’t sleep from that evening due to the contractions.  Following on from Jackie’s advice on how to get through early labour I had made food for the freezer and listened to my Hypnobirthing music (Mirabai Ceiba – Ocean album) on my birthing ball whilst rotating my hips and concentrating on my breathing.

Although stupidly I did not take my husband up on offers to massage me as Jackie had shown him, as I didn’t want him to do that too early as I thought I’d wait until the contractions were really meaningful (Turns out in established labour – massages were not what I wanted at all!).

Focusing on your breathing helps

In early labour my contractions were all over the place, sometimes regular and other times not. After 48 hours of no sleep and this irregular pattern – I’d had enough as I was getting tired and we’d already been to the MLBU at the N&N and been sent home to wait. We got in the car and drove to the hospital for the 2nd time and were seen by some lovely midwives in the MLBU – Molly and Zoe. Molly did some exercises with me, as she suspected baby was slightly in the wrong angle, I was then admitted onto the antenatal Cley ward to try and get some sleep and hopefully get my labour to progress. By this time it was now 11pm and my husband left to get some rest at home. Whilst he was gone, I lay on the bed and every time I got a contraction I focused on my breathing and progressed to golden thread breathing and rotated my hips to encourage my labour to progress. By 4am I was having contractions more regularly and they were more meaningful. Jackie had taught me in the birthing toolkit that this was a sign of established labour. I got the midwife to check me and sure enough I was in established labour. My husband got back to the hospital at 4.30pm and just as he arrived my waters broke!

Things don’t always go to plan

However when my waters were checked, it was found that there was meconium in the waters (naughty baby had pooped in the water). This meant my  “plan” of a waterbirth in the MLBU idea for my labour was now not an option. I was sent to the delivery suite and faced with a room with a bed instead of a bath as I had wanted. From 5am I laboured using my hypnobirthing breathing and a little help from gas and air. I spent the majority of my labour with my eyes closed so I could focus on my breathing and get myself in the beta state Jackie had taught me. I let my husband worry about checking the baby’s heart-rate on the monitor and his other job was to mist me with water and feed me water through a jug with a straw and generally support and encourage me. I had a few moments when I thought I couldn’t do it but with the support of my husband reminding me to breathe and the midwives, Henry was born a mere 5 hours later with a not-planned “put into stirrups assisted kiwi-ventouse delivery” at just past 10am. 


Hypnobirthing helped myself and my husband immensely

Thank you so much Jackie and the team at the Orange Grove. Pregnancy massages, and the hypnobirthing course gave me and my husband some really useful tools to aiding my birthing experience and although it didn’t go to plan, all your breathing exercises and visualisations and certain positions helped immensely and I just kept thinking each contraction brought me one step closer to my baby.


I couldn’t have had the birthing experience and control I had without ZenMuma Pregnancy Yoga and The Birthing Toolkit Workshop. I am proud of myself for using only gas and air, breathing and visualisations to help me through my labour.”


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